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  • PAUL CORNELL talks VAMPIRELLA #6, on sale in AUGUST!

    PAUL CORNELL talks VAMPIRELLA #6, on sale in AUGUST from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: Paul, I know that your new iteration of Vampirella and her world is just now hitting stores, but in issue #6, publishing in August, there begins an exciting new arc which springboards off the present one. Can you tell readers what we might anticipate about “Gothic” and maybe look for in current issues of Vampi as clues?

    PAUL CORNELL: This is the two-parter where we answer the big question that’s been hanging over the previous run: why does Vampirella have the memories of several different versions of herself? I also get to use the purest shape of Gothic story to do it, which is something I wanted to allow myself, given how SF/satirical we’ve been so far.

    BB: It’s hard to tell from a mere solicit, but it appears as if you are about to delve into the gray matter of Vampi’s mind in #6. This can be scary or fun, depending on a writer’s approach. I know you’re not big on spoilers and like books to speak for themselves, but can you tell us – in a general sense – what motivates scribes to take such journeys and what effect if any this may have on Vampi going forward (as said, non-spoilery)?

    PC: It was necessary to get inside Vampirella’s mind to answer our big question, but there’s a kind of cliched 1970s fill-in story where a character literally battles inner demons that I wanted to steer clear of, so instead this is me letting myself have fun, with some big gestures and lots of character comedy. It was time for our two leads to recover and have an adventure.

    BB: What has been the most fun – read FUN – for you in handling the reins of this book and iconic character?

    PC: Personally speaking, it’s been working with Matt Idelson, who’s a great editor, and a good friend. In terms of the character, Vampirella gives me a voice that I really like: incredibly practical; knowing absolutely what her personal ethics are but willing to let herself have fun along the way. Weirdly relatable, for me, and I hope for the audience.

    BB: We’re living in a twisted kind of future in this new Vampirella volume. Will this continue to be the backdrop for your saga in near future and will we be discovering more about this “world” you’re building? Any hints, if so? (smiles)

    PC: We’re definitely still in the same world, though a big change has happened at the end of #5. I’ve really enjoyed the world-building aspect, which is all a bit 2000AD, in that we’re creating a dystopian future that mocks and comments on our present.

    BB: Thoughts about artist Andy Belanger and his work?

    PC: I love his detail work, and he’s perfect for this story, which is all haunted houses and costume balls and Goth peacocking. It’s a delight to have him onboard.

    BB: Paul, Vampi has certainly come a long way since her (and your) Zero Issue. What changes have you tried to instill into the character while keeping her iconic “legacy,” so to speak?

    PC: I’m trying to bring everything she’s been together and move her on. I’ve grown very tired of re-imaginings, and she was a character who’d been reworked too much, but given that I loved several of those versions, I didn’t want to erase them either, that would be me doing the reimagining. So I’ve included them, and attempted to make a central Vampirella, that is nevertheless going forward, literally, into the future.