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CHUCK WENDIG talks TUROK #1, on sale in AUGUST!

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  • CHUCK WENDIG talks TUROK #1, on sale in AUGUST!

    CHUCK WENDIG talks TUROK #1, on sale in AUGUST from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: So Chuck, how came you to this reboot of a classic character?

    CHUCK WENDIG: I met Matt (Idelson) at NYCC and we batted eyes at each other and we got to talking — and after NYCC we discussed the Gold Key reboots. He asked about Turok and I really didn’t have a pitch for it at first — but it was like a piece of meat between my teeth and eventually he came back and wanted to make sure I had nothing to throw at him, and suddenly, out of nowhere, this new Turok arrived in my head.

    BB: What kind of stories will readers be seeing in this new relaunch of the famed dinosaur hunter?

    CW: At the core of it is a character who is looking for someone he has lost: his daughter. He believes she’s here, and so he will go hunting for her — and he’ll carve his way through the Lost Valley to do so. But that also allows him to intersect with the larger stories going on: a fascist saurian empire comfortable in its power, a rebellion on the rise, mad cults at the margins, and strange storms that bring things from our world into theirs (and maybe, just maybe, vice versa).

    BB: Can you give us a capsule summary of how the Turok character readers will be encountering in this series differs from past iterations, and what is the same?

    CW: This is literally a different incarnation of the character — whole new origin point, whole new character, though one who still self-identifies as Turok (for reasons that will become clear). As to what’s the same: well, you’re still gonna find a bad-ass who hunts dinosaurs, so...

    BB: What can you tell us about the world in which Turok now exists? What is the Varanid Empire?

    CW: The Varanid Empire: a fascist reptilian wonderland where slavery and corruption and torture rule the day! They’ve taken over the Lost Valley — but they’re not anticipating the @#$storm that is Turok.

    BB: Without spoilers, what can you tell us about the missing girl who might hold clues to the present situation in the Lost Valley?

    CW: Turok believes she is his daughter. That’s all I’m willing to say. *sly look*

    BB: Why is Álvaro Sarraseca the right artist for Turok?

    CW: He has the right balance of realism and fantastical ass-kickery a book like this needs: we asked for a Turok design and right out of the gate it was like BOOM HERE IS THE SINGULAR PERFECT ITERATION. It was a no-brainer. He makes my silly words look rad as hell.

    BB: Chuck, any new projects you are involved with you can tell our readers about?

    CW: Most recently, the fourth book of my Miriam Black series hit shelves — Miriam is a character who can see how you’re going to die by touching you, and in THUNDERBIRD, she tussles with a domestic militia in Arizona. Fun, violent, snarky stuff.