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CHUCK WENDIG talks TUROK #2, on sale in SEPTEMBER!

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  • Byron
    started a topic CHUCK WENDIG talks TUROK #2, on sale in SEPTEMBER!

    CHUCK WENDIG talks TUROK #2, on sale in SEPTEMBER!

    CHUCK WENDIG talks TUROK #2, on sale in SEPTEMBER from Dynamite!

    Turok's raid on Terminal Prison has gone according to plan - but now he must face the prison's fiercest guard - Karkaro, a terrifying war-dinosaur bred only for battle! Now the Dinosaur Hunter becomes the hunted!

    Also in TUROK #2: Doc Spektor, Part 5! The story of the all-new master (and we use the term lightly) sorcerer continues ... as Doc gets jumped by two of Hurgn's goons - and meets his roommate Frankie's new girlfriend!

    Let's hear from Chuck!

    BYRON BREWER: Chuck, how are you enjoying working with your iteration of the iconic Turok character for Dynamite?

    CHUCK WENDIG: It’s buckets of fun.

    BB: How do you manage to keep that classic “feel” about the Dinosaur Hunter while still working in this framework for today’s reader?

    CW: It’s mostly an act of trying to write a great, fun comic that’s in the spirit of the original while at the same time updating and upgrading to what are ostensibly more modern sensibilities. Though mostly, I don’t concentrate too hard on that – I just try to write a cool comic people will dig.

    BB: In September’s issue #2, the Hunter becomes the hunted! Tell us what you can about this turn of events and the pure fun of the plot.

    CW: My greatest desire in the world is to pit a character against a giant carnivorous dinosaur, and the majority of this issue is dedicated to exactly that. If I could include a MAN VERSUS DINOSAUR fight in every story I wrote, I would.

    BB: How awesome is Karkaro?! The name itself sounds like a flarkin’ sound effect! Tell us what you can about this unique Turok adversary.

    CW: Karkaro is the mount of the prison’s warden and... honestly, I think it gives T-Rex a run for its money. The name alone sounds like something that should be fighting Godzilla.

    BB: Turok is front and center in this solo book, yes, but what other characters should readers watch? Any prove central as the series progresses?

    CW: Nettle and Marak will continue on as part of this arc, at least – I think they’re a lot of fun, with a lot of banter, and some deeper reasons for being who they are and coming along for the ride.

    BB: What does artist Álvaro Sarraseca bring to the dino-table?

    CW: Basically everything! Without Alvaro, the work wouldn’t have that hook.

    BB: MORE dinosaurs??

    CW: I mean, obviously!

    BB: Chuck, what other projects are keeping you occupied?

    CW: Writing my THE STAND meets STATION ELEVEN novel, EXEUNT, and prepping for an October release of my new writing book, DAMN FINE STORY.

  • Wasafan
    Hey guys, thanks for ruining Turok for me. A totally unique character gone. Well that’s $4 I’ll be saving.

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