A Creatorís Commentary: Artist PETE WOODS on PROJECT SUPERPOWERS: HERO KILLERS #4, on sale NOW from Dynamite!

So in keeping with the weird pop culture references I decided to run with a parody of a teaser poster for the film GET CARTER. Iíve always loved the design and figured this was my chance.

Page 1:
So here we are back at Dickie Moeís Salvage and poor Captain Battle Jr. has no idea what has happened to his friends. Poor Sparky seems to have lost it completely and Tim is nothing more than a desperate rage monster who will do anything and hurt anyone who he believes will reveal what heís done. Itís just a matter of time until things becomeÖ

Page 2:
Öviolent. Time is out of control. At least Sparky is keeping himself busy. We had planned for Tim to lose the oven mitt around this point and don a new mask, but with the story barreling forward so quickly now it would have really bogged down the story for him to take the time to do it.

Pages 3-5:
Tim just doesnít have what it takes to beat CBJ in a fair fight. Unfortunately for CBJ this isnít a fair fight. Dimension 42 may get a new resident if we donít get some adult supervision soon.

Page 6:
Ah. Adult acquired.

Pages 7 and 8:
A little interlude. I had no idea how Ryan was going to handle the Mayor throughout the series. I really like this scene though. Seeing that the Mayor really does care for Warren and itís not just a fling gave him some depth and brought some sympathy to him. Unfortunately for the Mayor he learns what everyone who has an affair eventually learns. You ainít fooling anybody.

Page 9:
Captain Battle on the scene! Heís fun to draw. A mashup of Superman, Captain America, and old-school Nick Fury. Unfortunately for him he doesnít take Tim as seriously as he should.

Page 10:
Owwie indeed. An owwie on Captain Battleís heart.

Page 11:
Letís put our hands together for Captain Battle! Except you, Tim.

Pages 12:
Looks like this is the end of Tim and the series. Wow. We got that done an issue and a half earlier than expected. Time for a vacation!

Page 13:
Never mind. Thanks for making sure I have 32 more pages to draw, Sparky!

Page 14:
Wondering what was going on all this time in Dimension 42? Dr. Von Pysics has this on lock-down.

Page 15:
Welcome to Dimension 42, CBJ! Itís time to get schwifty.

Pages 16-17:
Timís getting pretty good at this surgery thing. Also, hats off to Crank! for imitating in panels 2-4 the hand drawn lettering I did in panel 1! Thatís awesome.

Pages 18-19:
Once again it looks like the end for Tim and Sparky. Theyíre surrounded by cops AND heroes. Once the heroes work out their contract with the city, that is. The only thing that could possibly save Tim and Sparky now would be something super improbable. Like an inter-dimensional portal opening up and exploding the house theyíre in, sending them flying across the street.

Page 20:
Well, what do you know? Whoíd have seen that coming?

Pages 21-22:
With Black Terror now firmly back in our world and ready to curb stomp the crap out of Tim, what could be awaiting us in issue #5? I dunno, but at least Sparkyís got chicken.