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About Army of Darkness #4.

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  • About Army of Darkness #4.
    Dear Ash:
    Ash sure gets tossed around to various timelines and alternate realities, this time he is tossed 500 years in the future by the Deadites and finds himself in a twisted video game. A video game in which he has to deal with a digital Army of the Undead! Sometimes I wonder how Ash survives it all, but the man keeps going and going and going, like the Everready Bunny. Army of Darkness #4 - Shop Till You Drop Dead was horrific fun! I had some great laughs, like when Ash says...'wait just a Roddenberry minute'! Then I got a kick seeing Ash do the Terminator naked scene as he is zapped butt naked to Detroit, Michigan at a S-Mart parking lot. Then the Geico reference was hilarious! With all of the great drama, the superb horror, you have some great comical scenes and seeing Ash as Elvis was comedy at its best! I am truly looking forward to the Herbert West and Ash encounter! I know this will be a smash crossover. One of the crossovers I am dying to see is Ash v. Leatherface, because Ash is good with his chainsaw and so is Leatherface! I have always wondered who would win! In the world of science fiction, science fiction becomes science fact. I am working on a "Cell Phone Radius Detector". This device on my telephone will enable me to come 20 yards of a computer monitor and detect what is on the screen, it will also enable me to point the device to a cell phone 20 yards away and obtain the cell phone number of a person holding their telephone (a good way to pick up on chicks and getting their number). Anyway with my new device, I will use it first to obtain the plot finale of this Ash story and when James Kuhoric leaves his office, I will point my cell phone to his and tell him what a great story it was!

    Sincerely yours,

    Paul Dale Roberts, Production Magistrate
    Jazma Online!
    5606 Moonlight Way
    Elk Grove, CA 95758