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Army of Darkness vs. Re-Animator

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  • Army of Darkness vs. Re-Animator

    It was very good to see Red Sonya #2 finally be released with a preview of AOD #2, but I have yet to hear any news whatsoever on the actual release of #1 of the new ongoing series. Just a schedule for tentative dates as posted previously on Red Sonya through the end of the year would be nice, considering solicitation for issue 6 was in the latest Previews without any word on when (or if) #1 will ever be released.

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    Well we finally received the first issue yesterday. I guess I was expecting a little too much cause I found it a little disapointing by the time I finished reading it.

    The art was almost like a FOX saturday morning cartoon, and looked a little goofy.

    The story seems to get the series started.

    I do like the re-animator, he seems like a great character.

    Lets see what the future holds for this series before I comment anymore.

    What did you guys and gals think?


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      Well, I did receive Re-animator #0 idk how many of you did, but i seemed to like it and it really helps out the plot...BIG TIME. Also I am a huge Re-animator/Evil dead fan! so this was a hay day for me. As for the art I was disapointed to see they had that guy who did issue number 3 from Shop till you drop. I really prefer Bradshaw who is phenomenal. But I think that this issue number 2 will pick up a lot quicker. In a nut shell I liked this issue but it was rushed and when the story is rushed I would like some good art.


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        I received all 4 covers of number 2 today, and I was sooo excited to see Nick Bradshaw is back as the penciler.

        YES, HE'S BACK!!!

        Congratulations Dynamite on a successful return from the dead. (delays that plagued you for soo long)

        GREAT WORK guys on getting number 2 on the shelf so quickly after number one.

        I knew you could pull through.


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          Army of Darkness vs. Re-Animator

          yeah i just got number 2 what a cliffhanger i wont spoil it but im sure that good ol ash will find a way out nick bradshaw rules and hes is the only guy that can do the animation for the AOD comics no offense to the other artists but he is better than YOU


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            Today I just picked up issues 2 & 3 that was really QUICK! and the issues are great. Does anyone know when Issue 4 is out. Its art is by that Greene guy again which is a bit of a disapointment but i still respect him.


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              Even more sadness...

              It seems that not only was the "high end" RRP edition for AOD vs. RA #1 cancelled, leaving those shops and customers looking forward to a reward for loyalty and dedication to the company for order at least 200 copies of the book (at 2.95 a pop) both broke and dejected, as well as the decision to print in equal ration the previously promised 1 in 30 cover to issue 2 to the rest of the covers, but yet another debacle was made on issue 3 in that the "free" incentive for ordering 30 copies of a glow-in-the-dark cover was replaced on its appointed shipping date with a letter of either apology or apathetic information (I could not discern which it was due to my frustration with the entire ordeal) stating that they will ship out soon... or maybe not... or thanks for ordering what we said just to get this free book, and by the way, we are not giving you this book now. (wow, one long, complete sentence)

              I really hate to be so negative, but there seems to be little to motivate my attitude to change. We (as in the customer) were originally told a release date of July for issue 1 and did finally see finished product at Halloween. Red Sonya fans waited even longer for issue 1 to follow the #0 teaser. And after reading the interview which dances around the heart of the delays, we are told that the product was not ready by the predetermined release date (though, admittedly something that is not uncommon), nor was it even close to being completed. I have faith in the franchise, but have lost any confidence in those who have the privilege of presenting it to us.

              I feel that I have remained silent for far too long and realize that this comes off as the mere moaning of an impatient fanboy, but I think the company should at least be aware of my concerns. In being constructive with this post, I feel that I should share my unabashed dedication to the series and my pledge to purchase all issues (whenever they may be released) and present my sincere and honest prediction of the ongoing series of Army of Darkness only lasting no more than 12 issues before it is either cancelled due to lack of sales or abandoned by the publisher (who apparantly has abandoned its customer base). I feel that I will either be proven correct in my estimation and vindicated in the eyes of capitalism that you cannot consistantly put out a product behind schedule and maintain sustainability, or that I would be proven incorrect and actually get to enjoy a few more issues of Ash (eventually, at some point... in theory). Either way I would have some degree of satisfaction and can gain some closure on this entire situation.


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                Great post, Squack. I think all of us , Red Sonja and AOD readers alike, share your pain on this issue man...

                Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!