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Red Sonja: One More Day - One shot next week!!

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  • Red Sonja: One More Day - One shot next week!!

    Finally we are getting the first Red Sonja one shot, One More Day.

    Its listed on DCD's shipping list arriving Wednesday November 9th.

    Atleast we didn't have to wait 3 months for a new Red Sonja comic

    I look forward to it, comments anyone?

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    Yeh - I've been looking forward to this one! I probably won't see it here until a little after you guys get it (ya lucky mugs!), like, mid-November or so. It's looking like it'll rock!

    Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!


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      Well, I can definatly say I enjoyed this issue.

      The story was well developed and ended with a great but quick battle.

      The art was good, not as polished as the main series but I was not disappointed.

      Dynamite has a clear idea how they want Red Sonya depicted, and I think they have it right.

      I loved when she mentioned how "a cimmerian barbarian" once tried to claim her heart, but they were both kindred in spirit and both given to wandering.

      Then she mentions how their paths may be destined to cross again, man that would rock..

      What a wicked Conan plug, too bad there is almost no chance of a crossover with Dark Horse

      Last but not least is the kiss of death at the end, and I only wish my last moments were kissing Red Sonya


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        Well, I got it yesterday. Not bad, not bad. I liked it. I'm definitely waiting to see the continuation of the main series, but this was an enjoyable one-shot in the meantime.

        Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!


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          My reguler comic store had sold out of this issue so I had to actively search it out. When I found it I was so turned of by the artwork I couldnt bring myself to buy it.