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Red Sonja Lateness (Again!)

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  • Red Sonja Lateness (Again!)

    Does anyone know what's happening? Sonja #7 cover date is December. Last we heard:

    "So, we've set it up for retailers to order adjust issue #3, and it will ship, hopefully, without any printing problems at the end of October. Issue #4 in the middle of November, issue #5 at the end of November, and issue #6 in the beginning of December and #7 at the end of December. Issue #3 is off to the presses, and now awaiting retailers order adjustments, and #4 is being colored and getting ready to go to print."

    That was 09-28-2005.

    I mean, this so isn't happening, and it has to be hurting them (if they get the licence for a year, but publish 6 instead of 12 issues for their money, they're in trouble). Any idea what's going on? Their plan to get back on schedule has obviously gone wrong too.

    When's Sonja goes East scheduled? And Sonja Vs. Thulsa Doom is supposed to be December, is that going to happen?

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    Well, rumour appears to have it (from what little I know, which at this stage amounts to what I read in Terry's post in the discussion area - this makes for interesting reading - of Nikolai's link) that #3 will be shipping shortly. This does put them a month behind the timetable quoted in the link. To me, this is preferable to the earlier delays that we saw, and given that we had the nice one-shot, and feedback from Dynamite, in the meantime it's certainly easier to stomach. Hopefully, these are signs that things are on the mend, which I guess will be a gradual process.

    *Regarding December availability dates for #7, given that everything up to #6 has been re-dated as "Soon", I'd say it's just been missed-out when they changed the others.

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      They didn't miss out #7, though I'd be surprised if it is out in December. Cover dates are: #3 August, #4 September, #5 October, #6 November, so these all are late and should be out, but #7 isn't late, yet...

      What worries me is that but not getting out 1 a month they're falling further behind, and aren't even standing still. Good news about #3 though - I'm looking forward to it. Hope the first person to see it in the shops posts about it here.


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        Whoops! My apologies - I should have mentioned where I got that info from. I got the dates from the Dynamite site:

        Red Sonja at Dynamite Entertainment

        I agree - I would be very surprised if we see #7 next month (unless, of course, they're planning to release about half-a-dozen issues all at once. Hey - I'd be stoked if they did! ).

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