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Spiderman crosses Sonja!

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  • Spiderman crosses Sonja!

    ...none other than Spider-Man himself!

    This was announced at the Mondo Marvel panel at the LA con :

    The unconventionally-premised Spider-Man/Red Sonja, a second crossover with Dynamite Entertainment was announced, by Michael Avon Oeming and Mel Rubi (with covers by seemingly ubiquitous cover artist Michael Turner). Five issues, starts in August.

    Wow! I serioualy didn't see that one coming at all! Can't wait for this!

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    That's certainly not what I would've thought the likely candidate. Interesting...

    Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!


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      Well they once had Mary Jane be possessed by Red Sonja in a story drawn by John Byrne.


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        This must be what Rubi has been doing while not drawing the main Sonja title.


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          Awesome news! I can't wait to see it!


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            Horrible idea!!

            Dynamite is doing everything possible to destroy the character. I wonder why Marvel agreed to such insanity.


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              Bad idea. I think it will be the thing which finally breaks Robert E Howard's fans' patience with Red Sonja. Not that she's his character, of course, but she's linked to his name and set in his world. Some respect for the man, please!

              I've been buying RS all along, but see me getting this.


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                Spider-Man & Red Sonja By Michael Turner



                The Robert E Howard Comics Group


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                  Well, for Dynamite, linking Red Sonja to Spider-Man, a couple months away from Spider-Man 3 is a marketing coup for them. And I'm sure they will be sure to make it a fun read.


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                    Originally posted by Comic2read
                    Well they once had Mary Jane be possessed by Red Sonja in a story drawn by John Byrne.
                    A good story Marvel Team-Up #79


                    It is possible that they do something similar, whatever, I am looking forward to it.


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                      I am really pumped about this...5 issues, too! Rubi on the interior art...can't wait!!

                      I just made a similar post about this. It was before I saw this, sorry for the redundancy. (Apparently, I can't pretend to work and surf the net at the same time.)


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                        Man do I HATE crossovers... specially with characters that Really have nothing in common... Barbarian chick with a kid in a spidey spandex... I say it's an horrible. I Can understand the Crossover with CLAW... he's a barbarian too and his "world setting" is not much different from Red Sonja... Same goes for Conan... But Spidey? URK! It would've made much more sense to have Red Sonja crossover with the Simpsons comic book.


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                          Here is some more info and a preview of the art :



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                            I can see this maybe being a good decision for Dynamite to team up their premiere comic with a popular character whose movie is coming out soon.

                            They might even get a couple of new kids reading Red Sonja when they pick up the Spider-Man comic after they come out of the cinema, all hyped up over the movie.

                            But they could also lose a lot of older readers, people who up until now loved this new, more serious, more adult take on Red Sonja.

                            Sure, the guys at Dynamite are probably going to hate us for not liking it, but this is the worst team up ever. Why repeat such stupid, campy team ups from the past like this?

                            I hope this story isn't going to be in continuity, kinda like DC's ElseWorlds. Even if the story and art are good, this just ruins the whole story from now on.


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                              Hi, I'm a long term lurker from the UK, and I finally decided to start posting here. Personally I have bought every single issue of Red Sonja since it began, and I actually think its cool that she will have a 5 issue team up with Spider Man.

                              I appreciate what many people are syaing here about such a team up not really fitting in with what we have seen so far, but I really can't see Dynamite screwing this up. They are way too good a comics publisher at the moment to risk ruining the reputation of their greatest commercial asset.

                              I really look forward to seeing how this turns out.