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Spiderman crosses Sonja!

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    Originally posted by Ranger01
    What is behind this ....Sonja seems to doing very well...Spider-Man has so many incarnations going on that I've dropped the title completely.
    Is it doing well? Like most comics, it keeps losing readers after the first issue:

    92 - RED SONJA (Dynamite)
    01/2006: Red Sonja #4 — 41,856 (- 0.0%)
    02/2006: Red Sonja #5 — 38,798 (- 7.3%)
    02/2006: Red Sonja #6 — 35,031 (- 9.7%)
    03/2006: Red Sonja #7 — 34,560 (- 1.5%)
    03/2006: Red Sonja #8 — 34,700 (+ 0.4%)
    04/2006: Red Sonja #9 — 32,334 (- 6.8%)
    05/2006: Red Sonja #10 — 32,479 (+ 0.5%)
    06/2006: Red Sonja #11 — 31,176 (- 4.0%)
    07/2006: Red Sonja #12 — 33,252 (+ 6.7%)
    08/2006: Red Sonja #13 — 28,996 (-12.8%)
    09/2006: Red Sonja #14 — 25,891 (-10.7%)
    10/2006: Red Sonja #15 — 25,303 (- 2.3%)
    11/2006: Red Sonja #16 — 25,644 (+ 1.4%)
    12/2006: Red Sonja #17 — 23,552 (- 8.2%)
    01/2007: Red Sonja #18 — 23,040 (- 2.2%)
    6 months: -30.7%
    1 year : -45.0%


    Since all the Spider-Man books (except maybe Spider-Girl) sell better (source), this will surely bring Red Sonja to some new readers.

    In any event, you don't need to start your own topic to address this issue. There is one already in the Red Sonja area.


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      Originally posted by nikolai
      This really isn't to my taste either.

      I buy sonja becaue I like the old sword and sorcery stuff. The spiderman team up in a modern day NY invaded by an Atlantean sorcerer just seems really incongruous.

      I don't really object to them doing it per se. It does have deep roots in the comics history and I'm sure will appeal to people who like the trippy '60's style stories. The thing I really sad about is Rubi's been taken off the continuing series for this! I'd much rather have him draw sonja going up against gath in ancient sorcery ridden lands. The other thing I worry about is the hints that this will effect the continuing series. I can take it if it's sealed off from all that, but I wouldn't want it contaminating the rest of the saga. It'd ruin the carefully developed atmosphere.

      Nicely put, Nikolai. I gotta agree with this...

      I've never been a big fan of the multi-stable spandex legion - though I understand that this runs counter to the tastes of many comic fans. While I don't have a fit of the screaming ab-dabs every time a publisher releases news of a project I'm not keen on, I too would rather see Rubi at work on other future Sonja titles while Homs has the main series in hand. That said, I put this crossover title in the perspective of being something of a tribute to the old Sonja series from Marvel, and I'm curious to see what Mel does with it.

      However, on the question of whether this will re-route the main series: No. It won't - as stated by Luke earlier:

      Originally posted by Luke
      Hey guys -

      Osin - I hear you apprehension, and I understand where you are coming from.

      I would just suggest you give it a shot - and if you don't like it - the main title books are not going to be effected.

      This is not going to be something you have to read in order to follow the more serious regular series.

      Its a slightly different angle to entice new fans and enlarge the fan base - and I'm working overtime to make sure its a solid story (which is the most important thing.)

      And, at a personal level, it made Stan smile when I told him ; - ) I've been teasing him for months that I finally get to play with his boy.

      Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!


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        An early look at a page of art:


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          I never liked Spidey with the big eyes.


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            Hmm, Spiderman and Red Sonja? That is intriguing--but we get Sonja in the modern world because of Mary Jane?

            Besides that point, the concept seems cool!

            Oh, and why would Spiderman web the sword? Go for the legs or something >.>"


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              Originally posted by Speedy92286

              Oh, and why would Spiderman web the sword? Go for the legs or something >.>"
              How about, to disarm his opponent?

              Despite all of the complaining about this crossover, I'm still in. While I admit that crossovers (with any characters) are usually not very good, I'm hoping for the best here.

              From the preview, looks like Spider-man might be in Sonja's world this time around...?


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       still is a cool cover and I can not WAIT for these issues!!

                Who will be doing future coverscores??!!

                @sschroeder: thanks for the insight. That was WAY cool!!


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                  Turner kicks ARSE!

                  Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!


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                    Issue #2

                    Link to Marvel's Solicitation for Issue #2, if anyone wants more details.


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                      Thread re-named to more closely reflect content...

                      Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!


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                        Nice artwork, but man this is just not right. What good is a sword when people/mutants have super powers and guns to play with.



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                          Red Sonja/Spider-Man Issue #1 details: Click Here for article on Newsarama

                          Originally posted by Newsarama
                          Spider-Man/Red Sonja presents an in-continuity plot that fits seamlessly into both universes.
                          In continuity?? I don't know how I feel about that....but, Rubi's pages look awesome!


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                            Originally posted by KrAzYeTy
                            Nice artwork, but man this is just not right.
                            My thoughts too. I do love Mel's art, and Turner's covers and like what they've done with the idea, but I don't consider myself part of the target-audience on a Spiderman-crossover...

                            Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!