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  • Cross Plains Fire Relief Fund

    Thought I'd forward this on to any of the Conan etc. related groups/boards in case
    anyone wants to contribute.

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Rusty Burke"
    Sent: Friday, December 30, 2005 2:34 AM
    Subject: [TheREHcomicsgroup] Cross Plains Fire Relief Fund

    > You may have heard or seen on the news that Robert E. Howard's home
    > town, Cross Plains, Texas, was devastated by wildfires. There is
    > still some fire danger as I write. Over 7700 acres were burned, and
    > the latest count is that 116 homes were destroyed in and near the town
    > and about 36 damaged. In a town of just over 1000 people, that's a lot
    > of destruction! The Robert E. Howard House was undamaged (though
    > undoubtedly there will be some smoke residue to deal with), but it is
    > the needs of the people who were left homeless that we must concern
    > ourselves with. Most of the major online news sources have carried
    > the story. For local coverage, you can try
    > Abilene Reporter-News (requires registration):
    > A relief fund has been set up at the Texas Heritage Bank. Donations
    > can be sent to:
    > City of Cross Plains Fire Relief Fund
    > c/o Texas Heritage Bank
    > PO Box 699
    > Cross Plains, TX 76443
    > They can only accept cash and checks. Bill Cavalier, Official Editor
    > of the Robert E Howard United Press Association (REHupa) has set up a
    > PayPal account to accept donations but it won't be activated until
    > early next week, so those of you who want to donate via PayPal (which
    > also, of course, enables you to use a credit card) will have to wait
    > until then. We'll be posting information at the REHupa website,
    > If you'd like them to know that the contribution is coming from an REH
    > fan, you could just add a little note, or else you can send your
    > donation to Bill for inclusion with those of other REH fans.
    > You can also donate to the Red Cross: they do accept credit cards if
    > you call them at (325) 677-2622.
    > I hope that you will donate whatever you can, no matter how seemingly
    > insignificant, to the relief efforts. Every little bit helps. And
    > PLEASE -- spread this appeal to other REH fans! The needs are urgent
    > and immediate. And, unfortunately, the weather conditions have not
    > changed, so the danger of fire continues, at least through the weekend.
    > Rusty


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    It's the start of the bushfire season here too. Not good. All the best with the relief effort for all those affected by the Texas fires. Good luck guys!

    Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!