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  • Evil Dead The Musical

    For any of you who live in or around the Toronto area, I highly recommend going to see Evil Dead The Musical. I went last night and it was AWESOME! Very funny stuff indeed. My wife and I sat in the splatter zone, we didn't much on us like we had hoped but it was still great fun. The cast was great, the musical numbers were funny and it was just an all around great take on the first 2 movies with lines from Army Of Darkness thrown in to make the crowd happy. Everyone who can, should go see it before it is done end of June!

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    I flew to New York to catch the show in December. It was great fun! And I, too, did not get hardly any red on me. I wanted to be drenched. My buddy sitting next to me got soaked, but I hardly had a drop!

    You have to get the CD from the off-broadway run. Great soundtrack! I hope they take this baby on tour.