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    News from the coalface guys! Into it!

    The Daughter of Dracula Hunts the Things that Go Bump in the Night

    June 12, 2007, Runnemede, NJ
    - DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT today released images and information announcing the release of their all-new horror/adventure one-shot Eva: Daughter of the Dragon! The series features the further adventures of Eva, the dangerous and beautiful monster hunter who first appeared fighting Dracula in Dynamite's Army of Darkness series issues #5 through #8 (which has been collected in the trade "Ash Versus the Monsters" - please check with your local retailer for a copy). Scheduled for a July release, this one-shot issue is being written by Brandon Jerwa with art by Edgar Salazar, and will be available with covers by Jo (Buffy) Chen and Edgar Salazar, as well as with a special edition foil cover featuring the art of Jo Chen.

    According to Dynamite, "She is beautiful, mysterious, cunning and above all dangerous! She is the daughter of Dracula… and she hunts monsters! She is Eva: Daughter of the Dragon!! What more can you ask for in a heroine. When Eva helped Ash fight Dracula and the Classic Monsters in our Army of Darkness series, we knew right away that this girl had legendary potential! Now, thanks to Brandon Jerwa, who certainly knows how to write sword-swinging action and intrigue through the centuries, and the amazing artistic talents of Edgar Salazar, we are proud to present Eva: Daughter of the Dragon in her very first (and most definitely not last) solo adventure! What this amazing creative team has planned is more than your usual vampire slaying expedition; it's a full-scale monster hunting excursion and just a primer for things to come. This one-shot will lead to bigger and badder and scarier things in the Dynamite Universe featuring Eva: Daughter of the Dragon."

    Writer Brandon Jerwa described the character and plot as, "Eva is the daughter of everyone's favorite bloodsucker, Count…Chocula? Blacula? Duckula? Wait, no. Dracula. Count Dracula. She was raised by monks who tried to keep the truth from her for as long as they could, but we all know how that usually works out. In the Army of Darkness story arc, Eva is a monster-hunter in training when she's sucked forward into present day to face down her old man and his gang of monster followers. My story is set both before and after that little romp, but you absolutely do not have to know anything about the AOD story to enjoy this. I don't disavow her previous appearance at all, but you'll see why we don't have to get hung up on the specifics of it.

    "How do we top Eva facing off against Dracula? By having her fight him again! Seriously, though, there is a threat in this book that actually puts Dracula's top-of-the-heap position into question. This is no team-up between our heroine and her evil dad, though; it's a mutual threat to both of them."

    Additional interviews and Preview Pages will be shown in the upcoming days!

    EVA: DAUGHTER OF THE DRAGON (JUN073392) Writer: Brandon Jerwa; Penciller: Edgar Salazar; Covers: Jo Chen (75%) and Edgar Salazar (25%)

    From the pages of Army of Darkness (Ash vs. the Monsters) comes the first one-shot starring Eva, Daughter of Dracula and sworn vampire slayer!

    Fresh from her appearance battling her father, Dracula, in the pages of Army of Darkness, Eva's adventures are chronicled by writer Brandon Jerwa and artist Edgar Salazar, all under an incredible painted cover by Jo (Buffy) Chen and TBD! This story shifts from the past to the present and features not only Eva, but a classic line-up of horrific characters including Dracula, Frankenstein's monster and more!

    Eva is Dynamite's next break-out character and set to star with The Darkness in the next Dynamite/Top Cow cross-over - don't miss this pivotal one-shot!


    Also Available: EVA: DAUGHTER OF THE DRAGON - CHEN COVER FOIL EDITION- (JUN07 3395) $29.99

    For art and more information please visit:

    To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook


    DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT was founded in 2004 and is home to several best-selling titles and properties. Beginning with their Army of Darkness comic book series - launching as the #1 independent comic in July of '04 - and recently ranked the #1 selling Independent Horror comic -- and continuing to their best-selling Red Sonja series - issue #0 alone selling over 240,000 copies and ongoing issues and one-shots recently ranked among the best-selling titles in unit sales and dollar volume - and not only has Dynamite consistently released Red Sonja as THE top selling single comic outside of Marvel and DC Comics, Dynamite successfully places more titles in the Top 100 than most non-Marvel, non-DC publishers. Dynamite's new monthly Battlestar Galactica series is the company's first major launch of '06, debuting with an impressive 175,000 copies in initial orders sold for the introductory #0 issue. Dynamite's ongoing Highlander comic book series launched to excess of 100,000 copies sold for issue #0. The recently released The Lone Ranger #1 sold out on its first day in comic shops and whose 2nd print sold out within a short time of releasing in comics shops.

    Now, in addition to the ongoing Red Sonja and AOD series, DYNAMITE has released the all-new Battlestar Galactica comic by Greg Pak and Nigel Raynor - launching with a specially priced #0 issue, having sold in excess of 175,000 copies and recently featured in the pages of TV Guide, A classic Battlestar Galactica comic book series, Xena by John Layman and Fabiano Neves, a Darkman vs. the Army of Darkness mini-series and is preparing the Lone Ranger with Brett Matthews and John Cassaday - and Dynamite has more on the horizon!
    In addition to the creators mentioned - Dynamite works with some of the most high profile creators in comics, including Alex (Justice) Ross, John (Astonishing X-Men) Cassaday, Michael (Superman/Batman, Aspen Comics) Turner, Jim (All-Star Batman) Lee, Michael (Red Sonja) Avon Oeming, Mike (Red Sonja/X-Men) Carey, Jim (Justice) Kruegar, Greg (The Incredible Hulk) Pak, Brett (Serenity, The Lone Ranger) Matthews - as well as working with up and coming new talent and enhancing strong creators!

    The company also produces new and classic material from such creators as Paul Gulacy and Doug Moench's Six from Sirius, Tim Truman's Scout, Carlos Trillo and Eduardo Risso's Borderline and other titles including Jim Starlin's Dreadstar, in addition to reprint editions of classic Red Sonja material and more.

    For updated information on Dynamite Entertainment and their titles, please visit the Dynamite website at

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    WHOOPS! Sorry guys - I meant to post this for you yesterday. Here's some interior art from the upcoming Eva issue - check this out, it rocks!

    Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!