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Red Sonja #5 Quick Review!

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  • Red Sonja #5 Quick Review!

    Well the whole team came through again and I was very impressed with the whole issue. Mel's art was the usual "DROOL", and the action was excellent. The story was alot more exciting that the last issue. Along with Conan, Sonja is at the top of my Fantasy list.

    The continuing story has me captivated and Red Sonja has grown into a "Legendary DE Character" along with Ash (Army of Darkness). This book meets all my expectations. She is dynamic, but static at the same time. We see glimpses of a Sonja we never knew from the old Marvel days. The series has alot of potential and we have only seen a small portion of the creative genius DE has aboard.

    Just my thoughts. Everyone should give this book a try, despite the past delays.

    Thanks for your time.

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    I actually found this issue quite disappointing. I think the art, the story and the colouring were weakest out of any issue we've seen so far.


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      Huh, thats strange. Oh well.


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        Heh! FINALLY! Last week when I went to the store there was nothing in yet! Then they were closed for construction work! I got #5 yesterday, along with "Sonja Goes East"!

        I enjoyed the issue immensely (hell, they're always fun!), but I have to agree that the the art and colouring in a few of the frames seemed a little off, or maybe rushed, and at times the dialogue seemed to lack imagination.

        That said, I also concur that the series does indeed possess great potential! This has been only the first major story arc, and I'll be interested to see how they finish it up! So far, I'm enjoying the ride!

        Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!