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    Issue #3 of Magnus: Robot Fighter was a rollercoaster ride full of thrilling battles, plot twists, and some amazing interior art. I am loving the pencils in this books, they're some of the best going today and certainly some of the best Dynamite has to offer aside from their pulp stuff, they're just very smooth and enjoyable. As for the story in this issue, I loved the chase between Magnus and Clane and the mini battle that ensued, and her father calling some shots with H8R was interesting too and I'm interested to see how the arc ends in the next issue. Man, this is probably the best book of the entire Dyna-Key lot (in my opinion).


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      Amazing third issue guys! Lot's of great splash page art and lots of intense scenes, this reads like a big budget hollywood flick!The page with Magnus crashing into the car with his fist was amazing!

      Much better book than the valiant and dark horse days.


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        Loved both #0 & #5. Spoilers later.

        #0 explained more about the society of North Am & how it came about. It also explained why some robots looked human. I suspect The Singularity mentioned may be the same unnamed aliens in the current Solar series.

        #5 continued where #4 left off. The ending has Moira helping Magnus to find A1.

        Still think this is one of the best titles on the stands.
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          I've been really enjoying this book, and said to see it will be ending after the next arc. If this wraps up Magnus' "rebirth" story line, then I'm fine with that.

          This is a pretty solid title though, a Edgar Rice Burroughs type hero (Tarzan was raised by Kala, the Mangani and became a superman of sorts thanks to his jungle upbringing, Magnus was originally raised by 1-A,a robot and developed into a superman himself) put into the middle of an Asimovian landscape. It was a great pulp mash up when it first hit the stands, and it continues to be so today.