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So is Batman dead?

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  • TheTerror
    started a topic So is Batman dead?

    So is Batman dead?

    I remember seeing a series of promotional stuff in DC comics titles a while back with the R.I.P and batman's name next to it, did they kill him off or was it hype to get people to buy more books? Let me know because this has been bothering me and i can't find anything on the web about this.

  • comixfan1980
    From Wikipedia

    "Batman's death ultimately takes place in Final Crisis #6, as Batman confronts Darkseid. Batman proclaims that to stop Darkseid, he will break his "no-gun" rule. Wielding an Apokalips-based gun, he shoots Darkseid in the shoulder with a radioactive bullet made of Radion (which is poisonous to the New Gods), just as Darkseid unleashes his Omega Sanction, the "life that is death," upon Batman.[82] However, the Omega Sanction apparently does not actually kill its victims: instead, it sends their consciousness traveling through parallel worlds. Although the presence of his corpse would seem to indicate that he is dead, at the conclusion of Final Crisis, Batman has been sent to the distant past and watches the passing of Anthro.[83][84]

    After the 3-issue Battle for the Cowl miniseries, in which many members of Bruce Wayne's supporting cast fight for the right to be Batman, it is ultimately revealed that the new Batman is Dick Grayson."

    So it appears as if Bruce Wayne is now dead, but we all know comic books......

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    Guest replied
    I also browsed the net about Batman's dead and
    can't find any. For this week Bat-Comics include
    Batman, Red Robin, and Batman Confidential.
    Hope batman's dead is just a promotional

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