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Are Comics dead or what's dead in comics?

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  • Are Comics dead or what's dead in comics?

    How long has it been since you've seen a nice narration or caption box in an American comic? What happened to stand alone stories that weren't just predictable ex. Jonah Hex, Wolverine (substitute any other nub) ultimately guns down scores of foes big surprise. Why do new comics read like some fool's screenplay are they just angling for Hollywood gigs now or what. Comics used to take some cues from literature seems Morrison is the only one doing that everyone else are cueing from movies and cable TV. I get it horror is back but did the CCA need to go also. Just seems like we are losing something when Stan's old maxim that the fan's will always be there for the haracter and not the writer no longer holds water.

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    I still like comics, if you don't that's fine, but I don't think they've dropped that much in quality.


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      yeah i just kicked in the pants quite unexpectedly today. i just read Powergirl #1 and was blown away its the best of old school narration and new school construction. Very surprising indeed, which led me to read the first 5 issues of the relaunched Black Panther and I must say that these two books with both a Black writer (Hudlin is becoming more like classic Marvel by leaps) and a female artist might raise the bar and break new ground in the old gender/cultural biases inherent in a juvenile medium increasingly geared more toward an aging audience.