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What are some of your favorite bands or favorite music?

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  • What are some of your favorite bands or favorite music?

    For me, my 3 current favorite bands would have to be Disturbed, Slipknot and Korn, all 3 of them are heavy and raw and thats the kind of music I like most. I do enjoy some older Grunge stuff and I like some oldies and Jazz, but Disturbed and Slipknot are what I have been rocking out to the past few years.
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    Good timing for this question. My wife and kids gave me a new mp3 player for Father's Day (old one gave out a year ago), so I'm going through my music collection. My tastes don't run as heavy as yours.

    Sawyer Brown is hands down my all-time favorite band. I am also a big fan of the Monkees, Garth Brooks, the Beatles, Elvis, George Strait, Charlie Daniels, the Beach Boys, and Johnny Cash. I also enjoy listening to "Weird Al" Yankovic. Lately I've gravitated to more religious artists, like Casting Crowns, Third Day, and Brandon Heath. And I can always listen to a John Williams soundtrack.


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      Hey Mikey.

      Monkees rule!!!



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        I probably go for the heavy stuff most of the time. As far as metal goes, my favorites are Mastodon (for progressive and sludge metal because of the awesome instrumentals), King Diamond (for heavy metal because of the great vocals, seriously, his range is amazing), Mercyful Fate (for black metal because of the masterful guitar work, and still great vocals from King Diamond), Dethklok (for melodic death metal because of it being the most brutal metal band ever), and Rob Zombie (for Industrial and Groove metal because I like their raw emotion I guess and they have good rhythm).

        As far as rock goes, my favorites are probably The Smashing Pumkins and Foo Fighters as far as alternative rock goes. The Clash and Bad Religeon are my favorite punk rock bands. But for the heavier stuff, Shinedown and Papa Roach are both really good, though I don't like Papa Roach's alternative stuff as much. And Marilyn Manson is definitely up there.

        So yeah, as you can see, I like a lot of punk and grunge. And Radiohead is also cool.


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          Originally posted by MadMikeyD View Post
          Sawyer Brown is hands down my all-time favorite band. I am also a big fan of the Monkees, Garth Brooks, the Beatles, Elvis, George Strait, Charlie Daniels, the Beach Boys, and Johnny Cash.
          All though Sawyer Brown isn't my favorite I do like then. I agree with everything else. Add Jimmy Buffett to the list and it pretty much matches my taste. I love the Monkees, mostly the album cuts. Do you have the three Missing Links CDs. Going Down and Tema Dei Monkees.
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            Unfortunately all I have are the "Listen to the Band" box set (one of my earliest CD purchases) and "JustUs" from 1996. I grew up listening to my parents' original albums. I really enjoyed the "JustUs" album. Too bad the guys can't get along well enough anymore to do more recording.


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              I listen a lot of music of many genre, even if i like rock and metal more than others.

              It's not easy to chose a favourite band, because i change my mind monthly :P

              I can say Megadeth, Smashing Pumpkins, Anathema, Linea 77 (they are an italian band).

              Recently i'm listening to a band called Allhelluja, and i'm just a little crazy about them! Quite extreme sound and concept :P

              If some of you want to listen something on youtube and give me an opinion you are welcome. I am quite interested in what people of the other side of the ocean enjoy music (i live in Italy :P)


              Ps: Try with Allheluja "Superhero Mutherfucker Superman" or "Face to Face With the Devil"


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                I love threads like this!

                I generally listen to music when I'm working on the computer at home, and I realised a while back that I was getting a bit bored with the same handful of records, so it was about time I got some new tunes.

                Yesterday I got hold of the new(ish) album by Melissa Auf Der Maur. It's a pretty solid effort, not nearly as energetic or exciting as her debut album mind. I'm quite partial o the instrumental 'lead Horse' so far... the rest of it is growing on me.

                Recently, I've been listening to a lot of The Police as well. They're a band I grew up with. I've always loved their stuff, and it's never very far away from my hi-fi.


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                  I prefer movie instrumentals myself superhero movie scores to be precise


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                    Lady Gaga. Green Day. Alan Parsons Project. Weird Al. Al Stewart. Japanese Sentai theme songs. ELO. Styx. Classic 1970s rock. Aqua. Daniel Amos. Steve Taylor.


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                      I'm all over the map, musically. You could say I'm eclectic. Everything from soundtrack scores (with a list of a couple dozen favorite composers) with a heavy leaning towards sci-fi/action/superhero films (including Japanese kaiju and tokusatsu), eurotrash/cult cinema soundtracks, spaghetti westerns, cartoon music, silent film scores; lounge & exotica; "Incredibly Strange Music"; electronica/house/ambient/techno/drum & bass; bubblegum pop from the 60s/70s; 80's new wave; beatnik/beat generation; worldbeat/planet drum; vintage (20s/30s/40s) - Cab Calloway, R. Crumb & His Cheap Suit Seranaders, Beau Hunks; big band and swing (including neo-swing); weird musicals; crime jazz (and some other early jazz 40s/50s/60s); spy-fi; TV themes; J-pop; old-school Disney tunes (pre-70s); novelty songs (Dr. Demento, Mel Blanc, Barnes & Barnes, Weird Al, Crazy Frog, Chipmunks, Mr. Gasser & the Weirdos); surf & surfpunk; rockabilly & punkabilly; twang guitar instrumentals; 60s beach party music; bongo music; blaxploitation/funk; classical; some hip-hop; some dance; some oldies (50s/60s); "nuggets"/rarities/one-hit-wonders; garage bands. Anything that's some sort of cross-genre hybrid is at least worth a listen. Stuff you don't hear played on the radio.

                      Beatles; Beach Boys; Clash; Monkees; David Bowie; Pink Floyd; Queen; No Doubt; Offspring; Art of Noise; B-52s; Devo; The Archies; Beastie Boys; Blue Man Group; Blue Oyster Cult; Birdsongs of the Mesozoic; Daft Punk; Dick Dale; The Dickies; Davie Allen; Duane Eddy; Lou Reed; Talking Heads; Esquivel; Les Baxter; Martin Denny; Lionel Hampton; Raymond Scott; Eurythmics; Human League; XTC; Henry Mancini; Shonen Knife; Puffy AmiYumi; Pizzicato Five; Seatbelts; Isao Tomita; Kraftwerk; Trio; Lords of Acid; Chemical Brothers; Richard Cheese; Moog Cookbook; Tangerine Dream; Southern Culture on the Skids; Laika & the Cosmonauts; Thin Lizzy; The Ventures; Meco Monardo; Mellow; Mike Oldfield; Link Wray; Wendy Carlos; Joan Jett; Joe Jackson; Jean-Michel Jarre; Jayne Mansfield; Marilyn Monroe; Jeff Wayne.

                      What don't I like... let's see... most opera (takes itself too seriously, mostly inscrutable in another language), a lot of jazz, a lot of mainstream rock, a lot of heavy metal (depends, it can be kind of fun when played ironically), most grunge (whiny & depressing); most country (again, a lot of whiny depressives; works for me in the blues mode, but that's about it), but I do like some western/western swing. Probably a lot of other things I haven't thought too much about, but then most musical genres would have some exceptions. Come to think of it, most music that takes itself too seriously. I like uptempo, good beats/percussion, musical noodling, sonic texture, irony/satire, a little goofiness. I like to listen at work and while driving. I have a MP3 player with a 250gb hard drive with 1000 albums worth of stuff on it, including my Old Time Radio programs and audiobooks.

                      Well, that's enough for now.
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