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    Comic Book Guy the Comic Book by Bongo Comics was one the most entertaining, funny, and best written comics that I read in 2010. It was a 5 part miniseries. I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. It even featured a guest appearance by Stan Lee. This is a must read.

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    Now here's an excellent example of a comic that has consistent sales figures.

    #1 (July) - 9,993
    #2 (August) - 8,294
    #3 (September) - 8,370
    #4 (October) - 8,149
    #5 (November) - 7,730

    A loss of just over 20% from the first to fifth issue. That is unusual consistency for a comic.

    Also, that is a really low print run. KSGH went from 22,024 to 17,894 in the same months (issues 6 to 9).

    I picked up all 5 issues. I was hoping for more, honestly.
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