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  • Fear Itself

    The current summer event at Marvel that is a Thor/Cap centric story apparently. Seems appropriate given they both have their big screen debuts this summer.

    I'm only going to read a few tie in issues and the Fearsome Foursome mini for the horror characters involved(Frankensteins Monster & Man-Thing)

    Anyone going to be reading the main story?

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    Count me out of both Fear Itself and Flashpoint.

    I resent the fact that several of my Marvel titles have been dragged into this silliness. At least only Booster Gold gets dragged into Flashpoint. DC has enough going on already with Rise of Eclipso and Reign of Doomsday.


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      I only read a few Marvel titles anyway and I think only Thunderbolts is going to have a crossover. That may be part of the lead-in to Fearsome Foursome. Being that Man-Thing has been part of the Thunderbolts and the FF mini is about keeping Man-Thing(who thrives on fear pheremones) under control. He apparently gets loose from Thunderbolts mountain somehow and goes on his NYC rampage.