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    This story is set in an alternate timeline apparently. I understand DC is going to cancel the Flash series that they spent so much time hyping so that the Flashpoint main title takes precedent. Then of course they will no doubt do another #1. Are there any readers who still think #1 means anything? DC will have done 4 Flash #1's in about a 5yr period, takes away any uniquness and collectibility right out of it. What would be special is a Flash #400 but unless DC does some funky accounting like Marvel that'll never happen.

    I'm most curious about the Emperor Aquaman story here. With Johns having announced an Aquaman ongoing coming out of the events of Brightest Day I'm curious about this. I suspect it'll likely lay out what Arthur is to avoid so that his future doesn't become like the Flashpoint Emperor one is going to show us.

    Anyone going to be reading the bulk of this?