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The Divide between reviewers and the Fans

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  • The Divide between reviewers and the Fans

    Comic book reviewers...even when they say something I agree with I don't care for them. It really sucks for a company like Dynamite, A small company who consistently puts out top notch work.

    I swear I think these reviewers get kick backs from Dc and Marvel. I see so many times where a mediocre issue from the big two gets high praises and ratings, and an awesome Issue from DE gets mediocre ratings.

    Most mature comic fans are intelligent enough to judge for themselves, but it still irks me that this is the image put out there.

    Its like reviewers don't know how to be objective to companies like DE because they only thing they know is hyping up whatever marve/dc title has a movie coming out soon. I'm one of those naive morons who honestly believes comics are "high" art, and I believe DE puts out superb work. In the comic store I hear things like "Yeah I actually read some of the issues of the Spider, reviews were so-so but it was a really good story" I want to (but don't) say, yeah, of course it is, reviewers on mainstream comic sites don't care about the comic or how good it is, their job is to maintain the status quo for the big-two. I read marvel and Dc titles too, so don't get me wrong, they do have good stuff, but DE, and to a _much_ lesser degree Boom! don't get treated fairly. Small companies are the ones who put out the innovative and daring work, and they don't get fair coverage, because its more profitable and more comfortable to stick to the well travelled path.

    I see a review site that gives a DE 2-3 stars for doing stellar work, and reading the review I _just know_ the reviewer is "This isn't Iron man or Batman, i'm too stupid to know what to do and lack the ability to follow a story I haven't read a thousand times". DE doesn't get much coverage from the critics and it sucks they get maligned sometimes. At the comic store I do a lot of pushing for DE titles with the college crowd come in and want to know whats good, I talk to a lot of other customers about DE titles, and it just amazes me the gap between what "reviewers" say, and what fans say.

    Edit: They will give good ratings to DE titles if it has a big name on it, whether its good or not, just further proving its all a gimmick. I've heard Al Ewing has done awesome thing things with Jennifer Blood, But Ennis's first arc was awful and it got good buzz, Nothing against Ennis, and I know he certainly doesn't care about my opinion as he sits on mountain of cash, women and blow.

    I keep wanting to hear other peoples opinions and input and I never get it. Surely i'm not that obnoxious.
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