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  • Ground To Pulp Trading Cards - Kickstarter

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    Interesting. I like the concept, doing the set in the style of trading cards that were done in the late 1930s/early 1940s, but I have to question the wisdom of an 18-card set in which six of the cards are sports or other public figures (sure, this would probably be typical of an actual set produced in that time period, but... seems like a waste, given the limited number of cards). And why do The Spider and Doc Savage get 2 cards each, while other characters only get one? Surely there were other characters worthy of being depicted, like The Avenger, G-8, Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Green Hornet, etc.

    They've already met their pledge goal, so it seems that these cards will actually be produced. Or will they? There's nothing on the site about licensing or copyrights, and clearly a number of these characters are NOT in public domain.

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    An interesting idea and a nice look but you're right. If I had to guess I'd say at least half have serious licensing or copyrights issues.
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