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Battle For the Bioverse (A Micro-Epic For All Time)

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  • Battle For the Bioverse (A Micro-Epic For All Time)

    If you want a parable to illustrate the nature of Life, The Universe, and Everything, consider the story of “The Little Spermatazoa Who Could”: Struggling mightily, against nearly impossible odds, to do his sworn duty and fulfill his single-minded purpose, he drove onward, ever onward. Selflessly, and heedless of personal danger, he knew that the information he carried was absolutely vital to the continuation of existence itself. It MUST get through, no matter the cost. Despite the senseless tragedy of the deaths of thousands of his brothers-in-arms (and also greatest rivals), lost to the ages now and unremembered, only he survived, to heroically sacrifice his own life in the final accomplishment of his task (truly an epic saga of the hero’s journey). In that split-second of victory, the savior chosen by fate or destiny ceased to exist, but for an instant, the universe had held its breath, poised on the brink. But the job got done; unthinkable disaster was, at least for now, held at bay. We still honor the memory of that nameless warrior. Although his identity is lost to the mists of time, we owe our very lives to his noble sacrifice, without which we would not be here today. It must be said, “Nowhere in the pages of history, can one find a greater champion of justice.” But the struggle continues still, on yet another level - truly, it must be said, a Never-Ending Battle. Looked at another way, he’s simply performing his function as a plot device to keep the story moving forward.
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