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November Dark Horse solicits!

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  • November Dark Horse solicits!

    Solicits here!

    Getting when they come out:
    Conan the Avenger #8

    Getting when I can afford them:
    Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom Archives Volume 4 TP
    The EC Archives: The Vault of Horror Volume 4 HC
    Eerie Archives Volume 18 HC

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    All of the regular DH titles I've been getting (nothing new starting this month for me), plus 3 or 4 TPB collections (Captain Midnight, Lone Wolf & Cub, REH's Savage Sword, and maybe The Victories) of familiar material. Nothing high-end or surprising here for me this month (like those giganti-normous Tarzan or Alley Oop newspaper reprint HCs). Sort of a run-of-the-mill month for me, Dark Horse-wise.

    Got the Doctor Solar Archives (along with Space Family Robinson & Russ Manning's Magnus, Tarzan, Korak, and Brothers of the Spear; also the Barry Smith CONANs) when they were in HCs. I'll be getting just the Weird Science and Weird Fantasy Archives from DH. The rest of the EC material I'm getting in the Fantagraphics artist-centric HC reprint collections. Creepy & Eerie Archives I got just the first half-dozen of each (the early, Goodwin-edited years, which I consider the cream of the Warren material) before I fell behind. Haven't made up my mind on whether I'll ever catch up on those, but I've been keeping up with Dynamite Vampirella Archives and am pretty much mentally committed to seeing them through to the end, as long as the money holds out. I think the Vampi Archives are just about reaching the halfway point. Wish they'd do Archives of the Warren ROOK series, I loved that. I do have a few of DH's artist-centric Warren collections like Ditko, Corben, Wrightson and the HUNTER collection. I want a Wally Wood and Al Williamson Creepy/Eerie collection (if they each did enough stories to fill a book), though. Love that Baldo Smudge story.
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