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    "If You Value Your Lives, You Must NOT Read This Comic Book!"

    You gotta love it, the old-school shmaltzy salesmanship (reverse-psychology style) of those Kirby Fourth World books from the early 1970s ("Don't ASK! Just BUY!!") paired with the old Julius Schwartz-type cover gimmicks:
    Click image for larger version

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    The only thing missing here is a banner across the top of the cover proclaiming "MORRISON is HERE!!!"
    Think the original Crisis on Infinite Earths by way of the perspective of Flex Mentallo (with maybe a smidgen of Seven Soldiers tossed in), with a respectful homaging of the above-referenced DC tropes, and you'll have a pretty good mental picture of what to expect... to a degree. There's still a freshness of its own to it.
    Nobody loves a good meta-comic like I do, and nobody quite writes 'em like Morrison does.
    If only DC published more comic books like this one.
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      In the best multiversal tradition, you have your choice of alternate (yet parallel) annotations for MULTIVERSITY #1:

      1) Click HERE if you would like to experience the annotations from the Earth-BC parallel.

      2) Click HERE if you would prefer to partake in the annotations from the Earth-CA parallel.

      [Caution: If you plan to engage in your own LIVE DISSECTION of MULTIVERSITY #1, please be sure to use proper PPE (personal protective equipment) to avoid the dissemination of BBP (bloodborne pathogens).]
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          CBR's Grumpy Old Fan also has some interesting thoughts on the significance of MULTIVERSITY.