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Zoids - Grant Morrison Scripts. Dynamite??

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  • Zoids - Grant Morrison Scripts. Dynamite??

    I would like to see a new title from Dynamite. In the 1980s Marvel UK did an licenced originated strip using a license from Tomy UK for their Zoids toy line. This was very successful and showcased some of the early works from the likes of Grant Morrison (X-Men), Simon Furman (Transformers), Kev Hopgood (Iron Man, 2000ad), Geoff Senior (Transformers, Deaths Head) and John Ridgeway (Doctor Who), and David Hine.

    It was a mature series and not representative of the target audience of the time. To date it has not been reprinted, as there seems to be some ambiguity about who owns the rights to print it. Back in 2006 I tried to get IDW to become interested in the idea, and was reasonably successful IDW were smaller at the time and did not have the resource to see it through. The position was left that Marvel UK confirmed to me that they did not own the rights to reprint, as it had returned to Tomy but Tomy seems to think it was still with Marvel. This is how it was left.

    I would really love to see Dynamite take up the licence and reprint the series by some of the industries giants, which has not seen print in the US at all, and in the UK not since its original printing. The strip was originally cancelled when it looked like it was going to be launched into its own comic. This was never to be half of issue one is complete and is on line somewhere, and back from 2006 Dave Hine confirmed that he thought he had some of the further pages or script from that issue somewhere around.

    It would be great to see it finished and maybe continue with new serials.

    I hope Dynamite would take this proposition seriously. Follow the link for the scans of the complete series

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    So I have had some mild success with finding out who owns the rights to this strip now. It seems Tomy UK Zoids rights now rest with Takara (those of Transformers fame). They are not confident about relicensing the product without the toys in production.

    This seems like the chicken and the egg - so I intend to talk to Takara direct. I realise that no publisher is interested in this project to reprint this classic strip, yet - but I am passionate about seeing it collected, so will soldier on.

    I have contacted Ian Rimmer the conceptual writer on the series who is keen to be involved should it be resurrected - no comment from Grant Morrison at this time. Oh yeah, spoke to David Hine about it too.

    More as it comes.


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      Confirmed today by Panini UK (aka Marvel UK) - "I'm afraid that due to licensing complications this is not ever likely to be published by Panini UK Ltd."

      So, IDW, Dynamite or Titan would be worth a shot. Fingers crossed.