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    Originally posted by ChastMastr View Post
    (See also: Spider-Verse.)'s happening. But under the more marketable brand of SECRET WARS (again). And as long as they're dusting off the old event crossover brands, why not revisit (YEARS) OF FUTURE PAST, ARMOR WARS, PLANET HULK, and CIVIL WAR and throw them into the mix while they're at it. If a Marvel event crossover is good, then 5 of them must be five times better, right? Summer 2015 might be remembered as the year of the great Marvel comic book meltdown.

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    And just to round things off to an even half-dozen events scheduled for Summer 2015, Marvel is tossing a two-for-one sequel into the mix - AGE OF ULTRON VS. MARVEL ZOMBIES. Let no Marvel brand go un-rehashed.

    They're probably already planning Summer 2016's rehashed re-events... with things like 2099 REVISITED, ACTS OF VENGEANCE, FALL OF THE MUTANTS, etc., etc.


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      Atlantis Attacks!

      Honestly this might be fun.


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        I just worry that it's going to be damn difficult to read a Marvel comic next summer that doesn't have some sort of tie-in to one of these events... and how can they all be happening at more or less the same time?

        My brain's transmission already feels like it's stripping gears every time I have to shift back and forth between AXIS tie-ins and what's going on in AVENGERS and NEW AVENGERS (which is fast-forwarded to May 2015 until we actually get there). I was reading AXIS #4 this week and trying to figure out where this is taking place relative to the Hulk, who's in a completely different situation in AXIS, his own title, and in the two main AVENGERS titles. Come to think of it, they mention Doc Green in AXIS, which doesn't seem right to me, if the Hulk is still "dumb Hulk" in that story.

        Then there is the situation with Captain America. Before Steve Rogers got re-aged to his true age, he discovered what was going on with the Illuminati, and assembled an army of Avengers to go to war with them. Yet in AXIS, the Hulk is still hanging out with the Avengers as if he wasn't a wanted man. Then over in DEATH OF WOLVERINE: DEADPOOL AND CAPTAIN AMERICA, old man Rogers teams up with Deadpool and he mentions that Hank McCoy is checking something out, as if HE wasn't on the list of "Most Wanted". Marvel continuity is just super-confusing.
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          recent Marvel continuity has been full of holes. its like the editors just sign off on whatever these days.