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  • Lady Death: Apocalypse

    I am looking forward to the new series, but find myself caring less about the new series from Coffin Comics.
    Another continuity reboot - why bother when the old series is continuing?

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    So the news of a second Lady Death series is out from Coffin comics.
    The second Kick starter project in as many months... I'm not sure how much money they think we have for things like this - more than we actually do obviously.

    I am actually looking forward to the Boundless series. Continuing the continuity left in limbo in early 2013, it'll be nice to wrap things up. Will I be continuing with the Coffin comics series.....unlikely. I am not a fan of constant rebooting and history rewrites, and although the art looks good - I find myself not really giving a toss about it.


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      Look like the series is only 6 issues anyway. Damn!