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  • Ghost

    I really like this series. Usually I hate reboots of a series I dearly liked before - but in this instance I am making an exception. Now DeConnick has left the book, we are starting to see some real development a plots beginning. This should have happened a lot sooner.

    Back in the 1990's Ghost was my fave book, written by Eric Luke et al, and it had beautiful art throughout. Both volumes hold a iconic status in my comic collection. Now a reboot....hated the idea of invalidating everything I once liked. Why can't people just buy the new book and enjoy hunting around for back issues to catch up....that's what used to happen. But I forget, people don't do that anymore - if you don't fully understand a book in one issue - then it gets dumped. Sad but true and it won't change - so reboots are with us now and forever.

    I hope this title runs and runs as I see greater similarities to the source material the longer it runs for.

    Now if we could only entice Ivan Reis back for a cover or two.