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  • Kickstarter

    I wanted to vent my thoughts about Kickstarter.

    I like the concept, giving life to books which wouldn't otherwise see the light of day. But......

    I recently committed $15 to help the Lady Death: Apocalypse project get going. It got funded, and then we get told that it'll only last six issues as a part of some deal to hand back rights to the Character to Brian Pulido.

    Then what happens.....ANOTHER kickstarter project for Brian's Lady Death. More money for another comic, but the pledges are way beyond the affordable amounts of normal people. I was suitably annoyed. I felt like the first project had been a waste of time, and wouldn't have made a lot of difference if I had pledged or not.

    So I order the rest of the LD:A series from my local comic dealer and end up getting the book I pledged for way ahead of it being delivered as a part of the Kickstarter project. I kind of wished I had just waited and done that in the first place.

    I am left thinking that maybe Kickstarter is a way of getting people to part with ridiculous amounts of cash that is ultimately just for a comic-book you could buy later down the line for 3.99. So in future I will be leaving the nutcases to pledge enormous amounts of money to this type of thing, and if it arrives in store I'll pick it up - if not, then no sweat, I'll just get another book.

    I learnt the hard way.

    I do realise a lot of people like this, and by all means do not think this means that Kickstarter is bad- just my own experience of it, involving the character above has kind of set the tone.

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    The ones I've donated to have been quite good with no bad experience at all for me, for what it's worth.

    The most recent example for me is this one: