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Image September 2015 solicits are out!

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  • Image September 2015 solicits are out!

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    I'll probably eventually get Airboy by James Robinson, and, um, that's it.

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    Nothing, I guess. Although I'd be curious to read some reviews of that AIRBOY series once it's wrapped up.


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      Fade Out #9 by Brubaker and Phillips


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        Originally posted by MajorHoy View Post
        Fade Out #9 by Brubaker and Phillips
        I have all the Deluxe Edition hardcovers for SCENE OF THE CRIME, SLEEPER, CRIMINAL, INCOGNITO, and FATALE so far. I guess I just decided to skip the individual issues now and go straight to the hardcovers and read the stories that way, so that's how I'll be getting all of Brubaker and Phillips' Image Comics from now going forward, including VELVET and THE FADE OUT (read the first 4 issues as floppies). I will miss Jess Nevins' insightful essays, I guess, but those seem to be far more infrequent than they were back during the run of INCOGNITO and FATALE. I did get the two magazine one-shots for CRIMINAL and THE FADE OUT.