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  • Blue Baron by Sitcomics

    The first issue is very interesting and opens up all sorts of possibilities.

    It's got a classic look to it with the art having nice clean lines. The company also has another book out "Super Suckers" that's I didn't pick up that looks to be a teen vampire comedy thing and a second super hero book planned called Startup which features a speedster who's introduced in "The Blue Baron". The cover and interior inks are by Sal Buscema, somebody a few of us might have heard of.

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    Looks like sort of a retro 1980s style, but the characters didn't interest me. Maybe a little TOO retro-'80s.

    Super Suckers didn't sound very interesting to me at first either, but quite by accident I happened to discover it's drawn by Jeff Schultz in the classic Archie style, and now I'm interested.

    Click image for larger version

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