Red Wolf #1
Written by Nathan Edmondson who had solid runs on Punisher, Black Widow and Deathlok over the course of '14/'15 is so far a book I'm finding intriguing.
This Red Wolf is one of various iterations Marvel has used the moniker on so there isn't a need to know any history of this C/D list character(trademark) they are trying to revive.

It spins out of the events of Battleworld and Marvels' multi-verse collapse. This Red Wolf isn't originally from the main 616 MU Earth but another and is transported to our current day at the end of events in the first issue. The issue starts in an Old West town where Red is the sheriff, however, as a Native American he's not shown the honor of the office by some in the town.

Issue #2 came out last week and is largely about Red's adapting to 21st century 2016. He's still wanting to try and find out how he got here. Identify the person who sent him here etc. I have faith Edmondson will circle back to that.

Since the character has some similarity to Turok I thought I'd see if anyone here has tried Red Wolf. Anyone?
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