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  • Darwyn Cooke's Passing

    Just thought I'd start a thread in appreciation for the artist who's done work for multiple comic companies, including Dynamite. I'm no expert on him but he struck me as a cool guy while being an awesome talent. He seemed to have the type of strong opinions on things that I wish there was more of in the industry.

    I met him at a Comic Con once a few years back. I didn't have any comics by him for him to sign, but I knew he was a comics legend and I wanted his autograph. I tore a page out of my small sketch book and asked if he would sign it. The paper wasn't even ripped out properly, with part of the page missing. When I handed it to him he chuckled and not only signed it but drew a boot on the torn side of the paper. He said something along the lines of I could now say it was once the greatest Superman drawing ever and I somehow let it get torn up and lost most of the drawing. I thought it was pretty funny. The comic industry is a little less without him and his art.