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    Having mentioned Ron Fortier, or his work, twice earlier today inspires me to ask about the novels he publishes with artist Rob Davis. Anyone read any of the Airship 27 material?

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    Airship 27 is the most prolific of the publishers of New Pulp prose fiction, with Moonstone being the runner-up. Unlike Moonstone, Airship 27's novels and anthologies don't feature any of the still-copyrighted pulp heroes, only the public domain ones (the sole exception to that seems to be The Green Lama, although when those anthologies were originally released, A27 may have been under the mistaken impression that the character was PD... and the character has since moved to Moonstone). I usually get those anthologies eventually, although since they're not distributed through Diamond Comics (again, unlike Moonstone) it usually takes me a while to catch up on their latest releases (which ARE available through Amazon, though). About two-thirds of Airship 27's releases seem to be either original pulp-inspired hero characters, or fiction not specifically pulp-inspired at all (including other PD characters like Sinbad, Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, Alan Quartermain), and the remaining third new anthologies of public domain pulp heroes. I believe the only other characters that they've released prose fiction under licence is Captain Action & Lady Action.

    A list of public domain pulp characters that Airship 27 has released anthologies or novels based on includes Black Bat, Captain Hazzard, Crimson Mask, Dan Fowler: G-Man, Domino Lady, Green Ghost, Jim Anthony: Super-Detective, Ki-Gor: Jungle Lord, Masked Rider, Moon Man, Purple Scar, and Ravenwood: Stepson of Mystery. One of the oldest of A27's books is THE HOUNDS OF HELL by Ron Fortier and Gordon Linzner, which pits the Moon Man (from 10 Detective Aces) against Doctor Satan (from Weird Tales), which I've read and can recommend. Fortier is also the primary writer for the Captain Hazzard and Brother Bones (an original pulp-inspired hero) series, and can usually be found contributing various short stories to several of the anthologies.
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      Airship 27 is pretty active on social media (or at least Facebook and Twitter, not sure about the other formats) so for those who might want to keep track of their releases, that's probably the best way to go about it.

      I've got their three Black Bat anthologies and enjoyed those. Though they are in no way connected (that I know of), I'll probably get the Black Bat appearances in Ravenwood and Captain Action books too. But fro my limited sampling I'd say that they put out a good product. I haven't come across some of the huge editing errors that I have in Moonstone Books and other small publishers.


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        I recently bought and read Airship 27's Phantom Detective - Volume One, but unfortunately the stories seemed to be a mixed bag.