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TV Review: BLACK LIGHTNING S2 E14 - "Book of Secrets Chapter 4 - Original Sin"

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  • TV Review: BLACK LIGHTNING S2 E14 - "Book of Secrets Chapter 4 - Original Sin"

    I was surprised to see that, after last night, there are only two new episodes of Black Lightning left in the season. I knew it was shorter than shows like the Flash and Arrow, but it seemed strange to have such an odd episode so close to the end. Odd doesn’t mean bad. This just seemed to be a lot of things happening away from the main Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) vs Tobais Whale (Marvin “Krondon” Jones III) storyline.

    Gambi (James Remar) spends the episode either helping Henderson (Damon Gupton) track down a lead on Todd (RJ Cyler) or he’s working on a super-suit for Jennifer (China Anne McClain). The lead on Todd ends up showing us that he was in the car that blew up. While this is going on, Anissa (Nafessa Williams) is looking for Grace (Chantal Thuy), which leads her to an apartment of a foster brother. There she discovers an older Asian man who tries to chase her off and eventually fights her (as Thunder) and we see that he is also Grace and likely a shapeshifter. The fight ends when Grace transforms (possibly into a big cat of some kind) and leaps out the window.

    Lynne (Christine Adams) is dealing with Agent Odell (Bill Duke) who wants to push the greenlight kids and thinks of them as potential weapons. When Lynne refuses to dehumanize her patients, Odell locks her away from Wendy (Madison Bailey), the girl with the wind powers. We learn later that Odell, who has been following Lynne, had a team assign a satellite and put surveillance on the Pierce family as an off-the-books project… he then kills the team that set it up. This guy has issues.

    As all of this is happening, the twice-dead Lala (William Cutlip) returns with the voices in his head, confronts Jefferson about the death of one of his Lala’s best friends in school. Lala shoots Jefferson and we find out that the people from his past that are haunting him can physically effect Lala. We get to see how Lala keeps coming back and somehow, he’s blocked out the memory of what happened to his friend who was killed. But the man who brings him back tells him Jefferson has the answers. But Jefferson just has the key to helping unblock the memory. Though the kid had pissed off Tobias, Lala protected his friend until Jefferson convinced the kid to go to the police. Finding out that Tobias now wanted his friend dead, Lala decided to do it himself so he wouldn’t suffer. By the end, the image of his friend now appears on Lala’s skin and Lala has decided he needs to save Freeland by killing Tobias.

    While the other plotlines are interesting, the Lala one continues to stand out. Cutlip brings a lot to what could’ve been a two-dimensional villain. There is excellent writing and acting going on and it may be the storyline that has me the most interested this season.

    With only two episodes left, I doubt we’ll see a resolution to the Tobias story. I think he will continue to be the big bad for the series. And I think the Markovia and Odell stories will carry over to season three as well. What we might get is a reveal of Jennifer in her suit, an idea of what is really going on with Grace and possibly a resolution to the Lala story. Though I kind of hope we don’t as I really enjoy when Lala pops up and hope we get more of that in the future.