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TV News: Airwolf Star Jan Michael Vincent Dies at 74

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  • TV News: Airwolf Star Jan Michael Vincent Dies at 74

    Accourding to reports from BBC News, actor Jan-Michael Vincent has passed away at the age of 74. Vincent was best known for playing helicopter pilot Stringfellow Hawk in the 80's adventure series Airwolf. Vincent was an inpatient at a hospital in North Carolina where he died. He is survived by his third wife, Patricia Ann Christ.

    Vincent was a two-time Golden Globe nominee, first in 1971 for the film Going Home and later in 1984 for the miniseries The Winds of War. He also worked with Charles Bronson in The Mechanic and with Burt Reynolds in Hooper.

    He made his acting debut in 1967 in an episode of The Hardy Boys entiteld The Mystery of the Chinese Junk. He used the name Michael Vincent at the time. He would go on to work with Kris Kristofferson and Victoria Principal in Vigilante Force and Kim Basinger in Hard Country. He would-costar with Ernest Borgnine for his run on Airwolf which started in 1984 and was said to pay the actor $200,000 an episode.

    Vincent's career suffered after Airwolf and the actor retired from acting in 2009. .
    The Denver-born actor died last month after suffering cardiac arrest in a North Carolina hospital.