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TV Review: DOOM PATROL S1 E4 "Cult Patrol"

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  • TV Review: DOOM PATROL S1 E4 "Cult Patrol"

    I know that paying for another streaming service is a pain and you really donít know if itís worth it. But I have to say that Doom Patrol has been a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed the Titans series but wasnít too sure about the spinoff. The episode of the Titans which introduced these characters wasnít the best of the series and I never really got into the comics. I really liked the casting of Matt Boomer as Larry Trainor aka Negative ManÖ Iím a huge White Collar fanÖ as well as Brendan Fraser as Cliff Steel aka Robotman and Timothy Dalton as Niles Caulder aka Chief. Throw in Alan Tudyk as Eric Morden aka Mr. Nobody and you have a cast Iíd watch in just about anything.

    While the first three episode of the series focused on the disappearance of Chief and the introduction of Mr. Nobody, episode four takes us on a two-part side journey into the world of Willoughby Kipling (Mark Sheppard) and his battles with a nihilistic cult bent on reading the unwritten book and ending the world. When you watch the episode, you will probably say to yourself, ďKipling is just a stand in for John Constantine.Ē And youíd be absolutely right. For those who havenít read the comics, youíll know this character wasnít made up by the TV writers because they couldnít get Matt Ryan to swing by from Legends of TomorrowÖ because lets be honest, Ryan will play Constantine in just about anything given the chanceÖ this harkens back to Grant Morrisonís run on Doom Patrol in the comics where Constantine was off limits to him, so he made Kipling to fill in. Hence the similarities.

    The episode is good in that itís starting to bring the team together and give them a reason to be heroes. The first arc was about them looking for Chief, but here they are stepping up to make a difference for a young boy and the world. Rita (April Bowlby) who has been the most reluctant gets a heroic moment and we continue to explore the relationship between Larry and the thing inside of him. We also get to explore the relationship between Cliff and Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero) which is taking some strange turns.

    Doom Patrol is one of the most unique series from DC and it stands out for its quirkiness and its tragic heroes. Batmanís parents were murdered, but he had Alfred and his familyís wealth. Supermanís planet exploded, but he was raised by loving adopted parents on a new planet. Both have tragic beginnings but still blend in with society. The characters in this series lost everything, some at their own hands, and are left as outcasts with nothing but each other. They canít blend in with the world, yet their still willing to try and save it.