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TV Review: ARROW S7 E15 "Training Day"

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  • TV Review: ARROW S7 E15 "Training Day"

    There were some good and bad things going on in the latest episode of Arrow. The main focus of the story was a new series of chemical bullets are hitting the streets and the SCPD have to stop them… but the Mayor insists the new vigilante recruits have to play within the rules. While Oliver (Stephen Amell) insists he wants to make it work, it takes one bad outing in the field between Team Arrow and SWAT officers to make him go back to his old ways of trying to intimidate the bad guy into confessing. But since he’s an officer now, that worked against him and set the perp free. Eventually they end up doing it their way anyway, but let a few of the uniformed officers in on the final bust and everyone seems happy… that and the fact that the guy making the killer bullets is a supporter of the mayor allows Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) to pressure the mayor into letting the team work as “black ops for the SCPD” and repeal the anti-vigilante act. Not sure that repeal goes through or not looking at the future flashes.

    The episode was kind of cookie-cutter and predictable, but it served the purpose of getting the team back together as well as give us some important information. Felicity (Emil Bett Rickards) tells Diggle (David Ramsey) that she’s pregnant but no one else. As expected, the cut to Dinah’s throat has adversely affected her cry and she can’t do it anymore. But the most interesting side story is Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White) calling Laurel (Katie Cassidy) to exchange information on who killed Diaz (Kirk Acevedo). While she is working on getting him out because of his helping Oliver and the guards against Diaz, he wants to see his son in exchange for the information. Laurel comes through and she finds out that it was Emiko (Sea Shimooka) who killed Diaz. But the more interesting information is that Tiger’s son is named Conner and he calls him “my little hawk”… in the future Conner Hawk is the adopted son of John Diggle. Can’t wait to see how this plays out. And later when Laurel confronts Emiko (and not just tell Oliver as she should), Emiko calls her Black Siren. Emiko knows Dante, knows Diaz and is aware Laurel is from Earth-2… is she also from the Longbow Hunters?

    And speaking of the future, William (Ben Lewis) and Maya (Katherine McNamara) hunt down a micro-cassette recorder in the future so they can play the tape from Felicity. She has a set of coordinates for them to give the team and then tells them to get out of Star City. The coordinates are in the Glades and of course they want to go there.

    The episode felt like filler and setup, getting the team back together and giving us information, but the actual villain or the bullets didn’t matter. But it does go to show that Oliver is acting out of character of late. Diggle brings up that it feels like there is a ticking clock and that’s why Felicity tells him about the baby, but I think the ticking clock is whatever deal Oliver made with the Monitor in the Elseworlds crossover. The fact he hasn’t heard back from William… normal Oliver would already be over in Central City spying on him or asking Barry to run by and check on the kid. Oliver is adamant about making things work with the SCPD but immediately goes rogue when one thing doesn’t go right. Add that to how hard he’s trying to connect with Emiko, and it seems he is obsessed with putting his affairs in order.

    The trailer for next week is a little confusing as we see the birth of Maya. It looks like the flash forwards are going to cover some of her childhood. Unless we’re jumping ahead months to the actual birth. With the show building towards next seasons finale… anything is possible.