Seems weird that we are at the penultimate episode of the season already, but that’s what it is. We start with the Pierce family sitting down for dinner and Jefferson (Cress Williams) explaining that he has come to accept that his daughters are going to be heroes, but that he’s got three rules. 1) Never reveal your identity. 2) Always have back-up… which includes Gambi (James Remar) and Lynn (Christine Adams) and “her best friend, shotgun.” But it’s the third rule that causes the problems, no killing. Anissa (Nafessa Williams) isn’t thrilled with it but accepts. Jennifer (China Anne McClain) is against it as she thinks Tobias (Marvin “Krondon” Jones III) needs to die… but she finally gives in.

All of this is being watched by Agent Odell (Bill Duke), who changes the camera when Anissa goes to change her top. The fact they show this means they wanted us to see it and it gives a different sense to Odell’s watching the family and killing those who set up the surveillance. Later in the episode when he brings agents to train Wendy (Madison Bailey) and Lynn goes off on him about leaving her alone and letting her have a normal life… he backs off politely. And at the end of the episode he makes sure that it’s safe for Lynn to go back home. This was a massive tonal change for the character to where he almost seems protective of the family.

Through the episode there is a clip of a ‘geenlight kid’ named Cape Guy who got killed by the cops when is powers went crazy. He was an ex-soldier fighting with PTSD. How this will play into the series remains to be seen.

Gambi is still working and testing Jennifer’s suit and is getting closer, but not done yet. Jefferson has another talk with her about killing Tobias, but she’s pretty set on revenge. And Anissa is still wanting to find Grace (Chantal Thuy), and conversations with Gambi and later on Jennifer, leads her to realize that what she fought the previous week was a shape-shifter and that it was probably Grace herself. She’s now convinced Grace is a meta and that she should’ve opened up about being Thunder. So, she’s ready to break rule #1 already.

Meanwhile Tobias decides to wake up the rest of the prisoner metas and we end up with all of the Masters of Disasters being introduced. Wendy, who’s not with them, is Windfall and we met Marcus (Hosea Chanchez) aka Shakedown previously. Now we get Darryl (Derrick Lewis) aka Coldsnap, Rebekka (Brooke Ence) aka New Wave and Joe (Esteban Cueto) aka Heatstroke. The major difference from the comics is that Joe is Joanne in the comics. After having Cutter (Kearran Giovanni) teach Marcus a lesson for disobedience, Tobias sends Joe out to cause a lot of damage to the city and kill Councilman Parker (Eric Lynch), all as an audition to perspective buyers of metas. Joe does that, but then is confronted by Black Lightning and Thunder and Tobias is forced to have him retreat. Dr. Jace (Jennifer Riker) makes a move to push Cutter out, but Tobias isn’t having any of it.

Gambi finds Tobias’ location and heads to monitor while Jefferson is fighting Joe. Jennifer sees this and suits up to go after Tobias, but her powers are out of control as she arrives. Lala (William Catlett) arrives to kill Tobias and Cutter can’t stop him, so they bail. Tobias and Cutter get away and he tells Rebekka to get the others out. Gambi runs to help Jennifer as the episode ends.

That leads us to the season finale which looks like we’re going to get a showdown between Black Lightning and Tobias and we’ll se Jennifer fully suited up. Just one week to go.