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TV Review: BLACK LIGHTNING S2 E16 - "The Book of the Apocalypse Chapter 2: the Omega"

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  • TV Review: BLACK LIGHTNING S2 E16 - "The Book of the Apocalypse Chapter 2: the Omega"

    And we’re at the season finale already. That was a quick season. This feels like the most comic book of the CW series in how it’s grouped together. Last week’s episode was all over the place with so many moving parts that it seemed impossible for them to pull it all together in one more episode… but they did and set up some interesting things for a third season. Let’s get into it.

    The episode starts with Jennifer’s power overloading and Gambi (James Remar) trying to help. He gets Jennifer (China Anne McClain) calmed down but at the sake of being blasted by Jen’s powers. Thunder (Nafessa Williams) arrives and helps get Jen and Gambi back to the lair. Black Lightning (Cress Williams) goes to check on the pod kids and calls in Lynn (Christine Adams). There they discover Dr. Jace (Jennifer Riker) and Lynn and Jace throw down while Jefferson watches in awe. After Lynn punches her in the face a few times, Jace offers up software to find the briefcase in exchange for going with the police. Henderson (Damon Gupta) takes her and Odell (Bill Duke) arrives to get the pod kids but Tobias (Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III) releases them and they walk out into Freeland.

    Things don’t go well for Jace as the teleporting killer (Tosin Morohunfola) from a few episodes back shows up in the police station, kills a bunch of cops, tells Jace that the Markovians want her and then teleports her away. Tobias, after an argument with Cutter (Kearran Giovanni) which chases her off, orders to have the power cut to the city so Black Lightning has nothing to pull from, then sends out the Masters of Disaster to confront him. He also helps stoke tensions and causes rioting and looting. Gambi recovers enough to help as the power goes off. Thunder goes to help Black Lightning deal with Marcus (Hosea Chanchez) aka Shakedown, Darryl (Derrick Lewis) aka Coldsnap, Rebekka (Brooke Ence) aka New Wave and Joe (Esteban Cueto) aka Heatstroke. Gambi and Jennifer head to get the power back on.

    They fight with the Masters of Disaster isn’t going well until aid comes from an unexpected source. Lala (William Catlett), kills Heatstroke on his way to see Tobias. He tells Black Lightning that all he cares about now is Tobias, then wanders off. The three remaining masters are still too much for BL and Thunder until Gambi and Jennifer get the power back on. Then BL kicks butt and takes out the three metas with Thunder’s help.

    Lynn tracks where Tobias is because of the signal he sent to free the pod kids. (They let the kids wander off for fear of activating them and causing an issue). Jennifer flies off from Gambi to get Tobias, but before she gets there, Lala arrives and takes his shots. The phrase Tobias had imbedded in Lala’s brain doesn’t work and Lala gets off a few shots, but no luck. Then Tobias says a Latin phrase (E Pluribus Unum) which causes all of his other victims to appear as tattoos all at once. While this is going on, Reverend Holt (Clifton Powell), who survived his earlier shooting, takes to the radio and podcasts to calm the people of Freeland.

    Jennifer busts in through Tobias’ window and announces herself as Lightning. She attacks Tobias with her powers and only Black Lightning’s arrival keeps her from killing the villain. Black Lightning syphon’s off enough of Jen’s powers to get her to stop. But once Tobias is back on his feet and about to attack, Black Lightning and Lightning take him out easily. Tobias is taken into custody and put into a prison called The Pit where he doesn’t get a lawyer or a phone call. The city is calmed down and the pierce family is home and having dinner with everyone safe. That’s when Agent Odell appears, lets them know that he knows all their secrets and tells them about the Markovians. That the war for Metas is going to be fought right there in Freeland and that Black Lightning, Thunder and Lightning are going to be in the center of it. Earlier we saw that Odell has his own set up metas in pods which includes Wendy (Madison Bailey) and Khalil (Jordan Calloway).

    This was quite an ending and shifts the tone of the series greatly. The series has spent two seasons being about the people of Freeland trying to survive being trapped between a corrupt government and a criminal gang. Now the government appears to be on the good side (maybe) and the bad guys are a foreign nation and a group of super villains. That should change things quite drastically. It was a good season finale, but it leaves a lot of interesting questions going into season three. And just how tough is Gambi… the guy has been beaten half to death, blown up and now hit with radiation burns. That’s one tough old guy.