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TV Review: THE FLASH S5 E17 - 'Time Bomb'

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  • TV Review: THE FLASH S5 E17 - 'Time Bomb'

    This was a very interesting episode as it focused on the adult Grace (Sarah Carter) who is the new and more powerful Cicada, wrapped up the story of the modern-day Cicada (Chris Klein). But the episode starts with Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) going to the future to tell Thawne (Tom Cavanagh) what happened. He tells her there is nothing he can do and that she needs to tell her father everything. She returns and is about to when the computer lets them know that something is missing from the storage location… except it’s not missing. Cicso (Carlos Valdes) and Sherloque go to the forest and discover Reverse-Flash’s Time Sphere, yet it’s also still in storage meaning that the one they find in the forest is from the future and how Grace came back in time.

    And before you ask, they did try and address the two obvious questions of 1) destroying the time sphere now so she can’t use it or 2) curing Grace now so she doesn’t go bad. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) asks those very questions and is told that they would need Grace’s permission to use the cure and destroying the sphere could damage the timeline. Lame reasons, but at least they acknowledged them.

    Grace, who seems obsessed and even crazy, breaks into the police station to find the file on her parents’ death and discover that a woman named Vickie Boren (Catherine Lough Haggquist) was the cause, but later when Cisco vibes the area he sees that she was a meta who wasn’t trying to steal anything, she just had her powers manifest at an ATM, which allows her to feed kinetic energy into objects, and then it blew up when the next people tried to use it… Grace’s parents. A complete accident. It’s the same thing the police concluded, and Orin tries to convince Grace of but to no avail.

    Meanwhile Cisco’s new relationship with Kamilla (Victoria Park) is going well, but Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) is determined to bring her into the team, even sets her up to meet with Iris (Candice Patton) about doing photography work for The Guardian. But Cisco doesn’t want her to be part of the team, he wants her separate from what he does at STAR Labs and it feels like more set up for him leaving the series as it has been rumored for a while now.

    Sherloque continues to look into what Nora is hiding and we see him making some connections to Eobard Thawne and his time as Harrison Wells. Grace goes after Victoria at a birthday part for her daughter. The Flash and XS stops Grace, but Victoria’s secret is revealed to her family who don’t take it well at first. Barry (Grant Gustin) and Nora have a discussion about keep secrets and how Barry thinks that’s bad even if you’re trying to protect someone. This hits Nora hard with the secrets she is keeping. When Grace attacks a second time, now at the same hospital where her younger self is, The Flash goes to stop her while XS get’s the family away.

    Grace has no problem stopping the Flash is it looks like she’s going to kill him when Orlin arrives and tries to convince her to stop. But she not only doesn’t stop, she ends up killing her uncle with his own dagger. She then leaves and Orlin dies in Barry’s arms, asking him to save his niece. The episode ends with Victoria and he family in protective custody and no sign of Grace. The team is going to head off for a drink when Nora pauses. Cecille (Danielle Nicolet) can tell that Nora wants to tell them something, but she continues to hesitate. That’s when Sherloque steps in and connects the dots. He reveals that Nora has been working with Thawne all along. When she doesn’t deny it, Barry grabs her and throws her into one of the pipeline cells, then walking away as she cries.

    This was definitely not a feel-good ending episode. And you might think Barry overreacted to the news, but over the last few years he had been betrayed so many times that his reaction makes perfect sense. First Wells / Thawne betrayed him, then Garrick / Zoom and finally he betrayed everyone. The fact Barry trust anyone is amazing. The interesting thing will be to see what happens next. Plus, what does the ticking clock on the wall in Thawne’s cell mean? Will Barry go to see him now?