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TV Review: SUPERGIRL S4 E17 "All About Eve"

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  • TV Review: SUPERGIRL S4 E17 "All About Eve"

    Where I absolutely loved last week’s episode of Supergirl, this week’s was more of a jumbled mess. And while it didn’t have any Jon Cryer scenes, we did get the return of Carl Lumbly. But there wasn’t a clear through line for the episode, so I’ll break it down by character.

    The main part focused on Kara (Melissa Benoist) working with Lena (Katie McGrath) and Alex (Chyler Leigh) to find Lex Luther. Their plan to do this is to follow what they believe is the weak link, Eve (Andrea Brooks). Lena believes that Eve is in love with Lex, leading to the in-joke line of “Crazy Lex Girlfriend”. They discover that Eve used the Harun-el or Black Kryptonite to save her cousin. The cousin leads them to a secret lab where we find that Eve was recreating Metallo’s and used the program to bring back Otis (Robert Baker), which means there are ties to Ben Lockwood (Sam Witwer). Lockwood successfully gets the Alien Amnesty Act repealed with the help of Eve in disguise and Supergirl goes there to figure out what’s going on, but is tricked by Eve, trapped inside one of Lex’s battlesuits while the other Supergirl attacks the White House. By the end of the episode, the President (Bruce Boxleitner) has declared Supergirl ‘Public Enemy #1’. But Lena and Alex plan to work with her to figure it all out.

    Sub story A involved James (Mehcad Brooks) who shows signs of suffering from PTSD but denies it to his sister (Asie Tesfai) who is an expert on the subject. When Kara stops by and lets James know that it was actually Eve and not Manchester Black who shot him, it gets him involved in the search for Lex and he’s in the Oval Office when the clone Supergirl attacks. When the Secret Service open fire, it triggers more of James’ PTSD symptoms and he ends the episode at Kelly’s door asking for her help.

    Sub story B is about J’onn (David Harewood) dealing with the fallout of killing Manchester Black and how his powers aren’t working right because he doesn’t know who he really is anymore. He uses his father’s staff to try and connect with the spirit of M’yrnn who returns and goads J’onn until he accepts that he is the Martian Manhunter, not a man of peace. But this means he can’t carry on the religious traditions of the Green Martians and decides to return the symbols to Mars where they were discovered, letting them wait for the next worth person to find them. This puts him leaving the planet just as all of the stuff in Washington happens.

    The episode brings up some interesting questions. Lockwood gets the first idea that he is somehow tied to Lex and is surprised when a senator flipped her vote after having said she wouldn’t repeal the act. We also see Colonel Haley (April Parker Jones) softening up a bit towards Supergirl. Maybe she’s starting to question President Baker. There wasn’t much going on in the episode for Brainy (Jesse Rath), but he did get his Legion ring back and that made him happy. But the big question we have yet to have answered is just what did the Black Kryptonite do to James? We saw that Lex had super-strength as did Cousin Bitsie (Jill Morrison)… when will we see what James got and how will that affect him in the Guardian suit?

    With just five episodes left, things are bound to get far worse before they get better.