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Movie Review: Hellboy (No Spoilers)

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  • Movie Review: Hellboy (No Spoilers)

    I got to see the new Hellboy yesterday and really enjoyed it. I'm a Hellboy fan, I've read most of the comics, seen the previous films and animated movies which meant I had a lot to compare the film with and high expectations.

    This adaptation felt the most like the Mike Mignola comics to me. The Andrew Cosby script brought in a lot of the lore and handled each of the characters well. The story was fast paced and gave us a lot of information without hand-holding the audience nor overwhelming newcomers.

    David Harbour, Daniel Dae Kim and Sasha Lane were all great. Ian McShane was his usual great self, Thomas Hayden Church was brilliant and I've had a crush on Milla Jovovich since she was in Kuffs and this was one of my favorite performances from her.

    The film has some pacing issues and doesn't feel as polished as the previous films, but I don't think it was supposed to. It's grittier, more violent and in your face and a good outing for director Neil Marshall.

    If you read the on-line critics, they don't seem to be fans of the film. But this isn't a film for the critics. This is the type of film that should build through word of mouth and will likely get a cult following. I sincerely hope it gets a sequel as there is a lot to build on here and some future threads left to make it a lot of fun.