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TV Review: THE FLASH S5 E18 - 'Godspeed'

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  • TV Review: THE FLASH S5 E18 - 'Godspeed'

    For those of you who wanted a Nora West-Allen centric episode set in the future, you got your wish here. After the big reveal that Nora has been working with Eobard Thawne this whole time, Barry Allen put his daughter into one of the holding cells while he and the team try to figure out why. The answer is to read her journal of course and thanks to Sherloque they can… though they get mad at him a bit for not telling them sooner of his suspicions. Which isn’t really fair but everyone is emotional, and they need him to go to his room so Tom Cavanagh can spend the episode playing Thawne.

    The team find out why Nora went to Thawne in the first place. She was working as a CSI and was obsessed with speedsters and solving the one crime The Flash couldn’t, Cicada. At this point she doesn’t know of her connection to the Flash and she thinks he father died because of metas. Her and her CSI partner Lia come across a case that it sure seems like a speedster is involved and as they gather evidence, the confront the villain and Nora is hit by lighting, causing her to get superspeed. Except as Nora tries to figure out her powers, Lia discovers a chip that was removed from Nora that was actually a dampener and that Nora had the power all along. This of course causes the rift between Nora and Iris.
    Needing help, Nora goes to the one speedster she has access to, Thawne. He is in prison waiting to be executed. He sends her away.

    Nora and Lia figure out that the speedster they call Godspeed is trying to make a stable version of Velocity 9 (remember that from season 2?) and are able to confront him. Nora isn’t good with her powers yet and Godspeed kills Lia. Nora goes back to Thawne and begs for his help, which this time he decides to give. He guides her through fighting Godspeed and eventually capturing him. This leads to them working together and eventually her going to see her father who she now knows is The Flash.

    This is enough for Iris to let Nora out of her cell to explain the rest. Once she does, Barry asks for a moment alone with her. He tells her that he can understand going to Thawne for help in the beginning. But she went back to him multiple times after she found out that Thawne killed Barry’s mother. This doesn’t sit well with Barry, so he takes her back to the future where he tells her that she has to stay there and if she tries to travel through time again, he’ll feel it in the Speed Force and stop her. He then stops by to see Thawne and is angry at Thawne for messing with his daughter but takes a bit of solace seeing that Thawne only has 10 minutes left to live.

    We can see by the previews that Iris isn’t happy that Barry took her back without her even getting to say goodbye, but it looks like a lot more will be happening with that next week as we get the return of Icicle.