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TV Review: LEGENDS OF TOMORROW S4 E12 "The Eggplant, the Witch and the Wardrobe "

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  • TV Review: LEGENDS OF TOMORROW S4 E12 "The Eggplant, the Witch and the Wardrobe "

    While the last few episodes have seemed very crazy and disjointed, this one seemed almost tame by comparison. You have four basic things going on in the episode. Nate and Ray try to figure out what to do with the amusement park that Hank started building. Zari is trying to figure out what to do about her feelings for Nate while Mona, Charlie and Rory insist on trying to help. Neron kidnaps Ava and Sara has to go into her mind to try and save her. And John and Nora try to figure out what to do about Neron and how to save Desmond. See, completely straightforward for this show.

    The Ava / Sara story focused around a giant Ikea-like story that they couldn’t get out of and were forced to deal with all of their relationship issues. That and Gary popping up occasionally… he’s kind of creepy. Since the two were broken up going into the episode, there is a lot for them to work out. And while Sara thought it was just trying to help Ava comes to terms with their relationship, there ended up being a ticking clock as the store was closing and ‘Tabitha’ was coming. We’d find out who that was later. But needless to say that once they worked out their issues and Sara convinced Ava she loved her for who she is, not who she might be, they were able to escape.

    Knowing where they found Ava, the knew where Neron would return to since he was the one messing with her. This gave them a chance to ambush and capture him. The Nora and John worked up a way to trick Neron into trying to go from Desmond to Nora where they could send him back to hell during the transfer. This would work great except they didn’t let Ray in on the plan, who came busting in to help and interrupted. And while it looked like Nora was able to banish the demon, we find out at the end of the episode that he found his way into Ray. Nora was also able to discover that Tabitha was another demon that Neron was trying to bring forth and needed Ava’s body to do it. The whole event though left Nora in a coma.

    Nate decides to shut down the amusement park, but upon returning to the Time Bureau and seeing the demon who killed his father, he confronts Neron and learns that it wasn’t the demon’s plan to build the park. That Hank had double crossed Neron and did all that on his own and that had Nate not tried to reconnect with his father, Neron wouldn’t have had to kill him. Nate decides to save the park and goes back, jumping in front of a wrecking ball and we see him shift to steel for the first time in a while. The shift and ball destroy his phone, which works out well for Zari. She spent the episode trying to figure out what to do about Nate and getting horrible advice from Mona and Charlie. She also got a script written by Rory which included the word “bulge”. She finally decides to ask him out and texts him, the immediately regrets it… but the destroyed phone saves her.

    While this is a good episode from the season story perspective, and we get resolution on the Desmond story… it also highlights the fact that this season has been long on relationships and short on superpowers. How long has it been since we’ve seen Ray in his suit? Or Zari cast a gust of wind? Rory shoot fire? This week we got to see a couple spells from Constantine and Nora and Nate steel up once. Haven’t really gotten all of those mythical creatures that it seemed like we’d get going into the season. While I enjoy the crazy aspects and characters, I do miss the action that we used to see in the earlier seasons.