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TV Review: ARROW S7 E19 "Spartan"

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  • TV Review: ARROW S7 E19 "Spartan"

    Where last episode focused on Laurel Lance and may have been a goodbye to Katie Cassidy, this week’s episode focused on John Diggle, but it didn’t feel like a goodbye at all. This dove more into the character’s backstory and introduced us to his step-father, General Stewart, played by Ernie Hudson. John believed that Stewart had left his father to die on a mission and then six-months later started dating his mother. Stewart was hard on John and his brother Andy, treating them more as soldiers than kids. But they have to go to him when they discover some military secrets on a drive the Ninth Circle was trying to buy from a corrupt ARGUS agent.

    Turns out the drive was only part of the plan, they also wanted ARCHER, Felicity’s super-program / artificial intelligence that they planned to use to draw the general out. This works and leads them to capturing the General and Spartan. Dante uses the General’s feeling for John against him to get the information which leads them to a chemical weapon that Team Arrow tries to stop them from getting. They’re unable to stop the Ninth Circle, but Oliver gets a chance to confront Emiko with the information that Dante killed her mom. She escapes with the weapon thanks to Dante, but then confronts him about what Oliver said and kills him. It was nice seeing Adrian Paul for a while.

    While John reconnects with the General and Renee and Oliver see that Emiko is not going to come around, what might be the most important thing to come from this episode is Felicity’s reaction. She decides to destroy ARCHER rather than letting it become a danger to people. She also decides not to rebuild, but Alena grabbed a copy of the root program meaning the potential is there to rebuild it which likely leads to the future storyline with Galaxy One. Speaking of which, we learned this week that John Diggle Jr. runs a gang called the Deathstrokes and that Galaxy One has weaponized ARCHER by putting it into helmets and creating an army of soldier with it.

    The episode seems to be setting up Felicity’s departure with her wanting to leave her mark on the world. I’m having a hard time getting the flash-forwards and how they fit into the season. The flashbacks were used to fill in the gaps between Oliver leaving on the Queen’s Gambit and coming back a vigilante. Seeing the fallout of this season in the future story just gives a fait accompli feeling that things are just going to end up bad. Do people just not like a story to have a happy ending anymore?

    The fun parts of the episode were two comic Easter Eggs of sorts. The General having the last name of Stewart goes with the on-going wink that Diggle on another Earth is John Stewart the Green Lantern. Wouldn’t it be cool if the ended the series with him getting a ring? The other no was multiple references to Will Magnus and the project he’s working on and how ARCHER could help with it. Magnus of course is the creator of the Metal Men.