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TV Review: The Flash S5 E20 & 21

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  • TV Review: The Flash S5 E20 & 21

    Playing catch-up here with the episodes Gone Rogue and The Girl with the Red Lightning, the second one being the penultimate episode of the season. In episode 20 we had the fallout of Nora tapping into the negative speedforce. She comes back to the current time very angry and hurt that Barry has abandoned her. She decides to team up with some of the new rogues: Weather Witch, Ragdoll and the Bug-Eyed Bandit to do a heist of some high-tech gear. While Barry and the team think they just need to talk to her and bring her home. The rogues kidnap Cisco and Sherloque so Cisco can hack the security and get them in. While this all looks like Nora has gone really bad, she is actually trying to steal a device to get rid of Cicada’s dagger, but the rogues turn on her while Barry, Joe and Iris come to her aide. Everything works out in the end, Nora is back with the team and They now have a way to get rid of the dagger.

    The problem is that Cicada has stolen some of the early versions of Cisco’s metahuman cure that was a bit lethal. She’s going to kill off all the Metahumans on the planet and the team offers to give the cure to anyone who wants it in hopes of saving their lives. Nora’s time in the negative speedforce combined with her trip into Grace’s mind has given her the ability to tap into the new Cicada’s mind through her anger. Joe and the CCPD are helping give the cure to a rush of metahumans, Nora is trying to find Cicada, but Ralph is the key here as he senses there is a piece missing. He knows that sending Nora back was part of Reverse-Flash’s plan, but he thinks there more to it. The problem is that the rest of the team isn’t paying attention to him.

    It all leads to a showdown at the CCPD as Flash, Killer Frost and Elongated Man distract Cicada while Vibe tries to deactivate the device that will kill the metahumans using the dagger. Someone comments that Cicada doesn’t have the dagger for the fight, and she reminds them she doesn’t need it to beat them and that she didn’t have it before she came back in time. This is the final piece Ralph needs to put the pieces together, but not in time to stop Barry from blasting it into another dimension… a dimension where Eobard Thawne is able to recover the dagger and as he is being lead to his execution, they remove his chest restraint and we see that the dagger is attached to his chest.

    We won’t know the rest of his plan until next week’s finale, but it’s pretty obvious now that this entire season has been a very detailed plan by Thawne to save his own life. And while I haven’t been a huge fan of some of the season, this is a really nice payoff that ties everything together in a very clever way. This has been the season of the subtle big bads for the Arrowverse shows. Lex Luthor, Neron, Emiko and Thawne are definitely not the types of villains we’ve had normally. Hopefully they’ll have some clever ways to wrap this all up and set up the next season.

    Now, the big question going into the finale is… will the finale be all about Cicada and set up Reverse-Flash for next season or will they bring his story to a conclusion as well. My gut says that Sherloque will leave the team at the end of the episode as well as Cicso and we’ll get Thawne back for season six. We will find out soon.