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TV Review: Arrow S7 E20 & 21

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  • TV Review: Arrow S7 E20 & 21

    The last two episode included the return of Roy Harper to the modern-day timeline in Confessions and Living Proof. The first episode was a different format for the series, telling everything in flashback as Team Arrow is being questioned by the cops after two transit police are found dead at a fight between Team Arrow and the Ninth Circle. Dinah is leading the interrogations and it’s a round robin set up going through each member of the team gives their version which leads to the next person being questioned. Each one makes the next person seem guilty until they hint at another member of the team until finally Oliver tells the cops that it was his sister Emiko who did it. The police finally believe them and are let go.

    The problem is that Emiko didn’t do it, Roy did. It seems that somewhere along the way of him helping Thea and Nissa find the Lazarus Pits, Roy died, and they used the pit to bring him back. He got beaten pretty good in the fight with the Ninth Circle and slipped into a blood rage when the cops came up to stop him, he killed them. Dinah, who was there, and the rest of the team decide to cover for him and blame Emiko. They later track her to a building where Oliver finds out that Emiko has the surveillance tape of the fight showing exactly what happened and she sent it to the police… and she then blows up the building on Oliver and Team Arrow.

    The penultimate episode of the season has Oliver trying to get out from the debris and hallucinating a conversation with his old and quite dead friend Tommy Merlyn. The rest of the team tries to find him and shut off the power before the place blows up. Roy leaps into a cloud of deadly gas to shut off the power, showing the team that he is as dedicated to them as they were to him. Meanwhile the police are looking to bring in the team and go to Felicity’s place where they find remnants of Archer and other evidence. She uses a version of the sonic scream to disable the police and get her and Alena out. Oliver, still talking to Tommy about breaking the circle that his father started, finally gets out and finds the rest of the team, confronts Emiko and ends up shooting her only to find he really shot Diggle and the rest of the team are dead. But of course, none of that happened and he’s still pinned under the debris when the team finds him.

    There are no future flashes in episode 20, but 21 shows that William wants to go into Galaxy One and erase their DNA from Archer, and while Felicity says no, he goes anyway and ends up getting he and Renee captured. We also find out that Alena is the one that sold Archer to Galaxy One. And the soldiers bust in to capture them and the rest of the Canaries. As with the previous seasons, this episode was named after a Bruce Springsteen song.

    It looks like the Arrow finale is going to be a straightforward Team Arrow vs Ninth Circle showdown that will set up the 10-episode finale season. But with the flash forwards we’ve been getting, we know that almost all of the team has to make it through, but after the finale, Felicity is gone. I still feel the flash-forwards have put a very negative feel to this season and took away a lot of surprise potential like Roy diving into the poison gas… we know he survived so there was no tension.